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The Great and Mighty, (Almost) All-Version Mini Read-A-Thon
Alright, that was pretty fast. So, Marco. I appreciate Cash Money's narrative voice, it has nice amounts of detail and nuance that don't get overwhelming, even if the character himself is fairly one track as far as his progression is concerned I still feel he is represented well. Nothing was ever too heavy handed, except for maybe the cheese in his death scene, which I feel was a decent 'everything goes to hell scene' for all involved sans some rushing in the latter parts of the thread... He's not the stand out member of his group, that goes to Roy and Leo, but he serves the purpose he needs to in the group dynamic as instigator and leader nicely, and has some decent internal monologue to make up for the lack of interesting interactions with the others. Overall, not bad. Nothing stand out but a nice bite sized read.

Another please, which I might blitz through again because I really don't have much to do lol.

The Great and Mighty, (Almost) All-Version Mini Read-A-Thon
Could I get in on this as well? School's winding down and I have a bit of time to spare. Kinda.

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