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Second Chances Discussion Thread
This and this. Both very nice, character establishing one shots.

Backstreet's Back
omg we're back again
brothers sisters everybody sing

Glad to see you back in it to win it, Aloha! Some brief proposals... Paris and Natalia perhaps, in her outgoing and eagerly naive or such nature making the two compatible in an awkward way. Maybe she was one of his more successful 'I'll ask you out and preach at you' endeavors, like she actually gave him the time of day and heard him out? Eventually it'd probably peter out but they might still be on good terms.

Introducing World of TV
I shall take this opportunity to ruin everything

New TV Lore Suggestion Thread

Season 32

SCDos Pawn Shop
It's been some time so I'm going to confirm that both my V6 characters up for offer (Tina Luz and Irene Djezari) have been claimed!

EDIT : Also, as of latest staff ruling Ben 'Spikey' 'shitty prose' Fields is available. However you'll have to talk to Yugi for permission.

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