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Will SCDos be set in the same universe as SC1, or will it again be set in an entirely different universe?

Sotf-TV Discussion Thread
Just out of interest, how is TV aired/distributed? Is each thread considered an individual episode, or is each character assigned a channel for the show?

I have questions.

TV2: The Ninth Rolls

I'll see all of you in V6!

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
He never should have come here.

Zoe, not one for subtlety, shouted at Vahka, asking what he was doing here. Two more people entered the room. One was from the other school; the other person was someone he knew. Regina Aston. Someone who was actually a close friend of his, and a social butterfly type person who-

“Oh shit.”

The grenade hit the floor, and Michael started backing away quickly. He had to get out of here before all hell broke loose, but turning around would result in him being prime target for an attack. He had to take it slowly, one step at a time. He didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on, didn’t pay attention to Regina putting the grenade between herself and Vahka, he just kept his eyes on the grenade, making sure it didn’t move anywhere near him.

Then the grenade exploded, and something had hit him in the stomach.

Pain filled his body as he hit the ground, face first. The shrapnel pushed itself deeper into his body, and blood started pouring out. Everything had erupted around him. Regina was dead, and Yagmur was struggling with holding the body of Paisley Hopkins.

But somehow, Michael was still alive. The pain from the shrapnel had filled his entire body, but he couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry. The whole country was watching him, and he couldn’t prove them right. The chance was low, but he could still do this, he could make it out alive, and he could still win this.

So he crawled, he was close to a wall, and when he reached it, he hoisted himself up. The shrapnel was still lodged into his stomach, and the pain was getting worse. He took a moment to breathe, he was never athletic, and doing large amounts of physical labour made him exhausted.

He looked down.

Michael was always a bit squeamish about the gore of SOTF-TV, and while he liked the atmosphere and character (as well as the video games, SOTF-Combat was his favourite series), the frequent violence and gore commonly turned him off, and made him leave with an ambivalent feeling for the show. He pretended that he liked it, though, since it was popular with the people at his school. He liked it, but he always turned his head away when it was time for someone to die.

But when he looked down, he couldn’t turn his head away.

The shrapnel had basically torn his stomach apart. Blood and acid was leaking out of it, and there was a trail of it from where he had first hit the ground. He was feeling faint, and the edges of tiredness were surrounding his eyes.

He was dying. There was no way he could be saved, he was beyond repair.


During his time on the resort, Michael dreaded what he had to do. He didn’t want to kill people he considered friends, as he felt that doing so would make him lose his morality, lose the people that he cared for, make people lose faith in him. But he knew that he would have had to at one point. Nobody got out of here without killing at least one person, and he knew that he couldn’t pull off an escape attempt. He had made choices, all throughout his resort time. Bring Lily and Valerie with him. Go with his team rather than find Lily again. Lie to Lily.

But now he didn’t have to kill. There was another choice all along. Die here and he didn’t have to kill.

If this wasn’t SOTF, and if this wasn’t him, he’d be laughing right now. He had acted like he was going to win all this time, and that death was something that’d never happen to him. He had acted like he had to kill someone all this time, but as it turned out, now he didn’t have to. There was a choice all along, and he had now picked an option.

And he would now act on it for the rest of his life.

And as Michael Robinson bled out on the floor, he realized that he never had to kill, and that he had selected the right choice all this time.


SCDos Pawn Shop
Well, since everybody else is doing it.

None. Sorry about that.

Badass Johnny Lancer (V3) and Maxwell Lombardi.


SCDos Concepts (?)
So after talking with Ciel about it my two SC2 characters are probably going to be Travis Webster and Zach Jamis. I might jump on him for Blood Boy, though.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Michael looked around the room to find a place where they could hide the corpse for the time being. They needed the place to be clean if they wanted to set up shop here, and chances were one of them was going to have to kill someone while they were here. Looking around, the only place that he could probably move a body to was the staff room, since it was out of the way and not immediately seeable by anyone entering through the front door.

“Let’s use the staff room, nobody will be able to see it from the front-“ He was interrupted by two people coming through the door.

Turns out that they weren’t the only people in the ice palace.

The first person was someone he knew from school, Yagmur Tekindor. He was a hard worker, although he tended to focus towards the more practical subjects, such as woodworking and Shop Class. Michael didn’t mind him though, so long as he wasn’t drunk. Although he didn’t watch SOTF-TV, instead focusing on some comedy show, he was okay to talk to, and it was safe to say that they were friends.

The other person was also someone he knew, but was wary of. Vahka Basayev was a person that he knew in passing, and talked to every once in a while, but he wasn’t someone he’d call a friend. He knew that he had a passion for the Renaissance, and that he didn’t approve of SOTF-TV.

What he did know, however, was that he killed three people, and considering the way the announcements worded it, they weren’t accidents.

Michael really didn’t know how he was supposed to react to this. Vahka was a psychopath, judging from what Zoe had told him about her experiences in the game with him, and at any moment he could attack Michael and overpower him.

He decided to go into the conversation casually, to delay what could potentially happen and give him time to get out the door.


TV2: The Ninth Rolls
Death idea sorted. Heros are still appreciated though!

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
((Michael Robinson continued from Red Sun))

Michael had entered the Ice Palace through the front door. He and Zoe had discussed this back in the casino, and they decided that the Ice Palace was the best place for them to set up operations, considering its size and the options it gave for an attack. Admittedly, they were going to use the Boardwalk again, but it had become a dangerzone. Oh well, it didn’t matter that much, all they needed to do was to get in an area, set up base, and stay there.

And, seeing that nobody was in the café area, Michael was under the assumption that he and Zoe were alone here.

Well, that wasn’t true. There was a corpse on the table. Boy, green hair, had bullet wounds all over his body. Michael wasn’t sure who he was, or who killed him, but it didn’t really matter now. It might be a good idea to hide his body in a closet or something before someone got the wrong idea, though.

He decided to sit down first, though. He was somewhat exhausted from walking the whole length of the beach, and if he was in a situation where he was forced to fight someone, it would be better if he was fresh and ready to go beforehand.

He didn’t want to fight, nor did he want to kill, but that didn’t mean that he was going to lay down and die when somebody attacked him.

He signaled to Zoe to come sit down with him. "You're probably tired from walking down the beach. Sit down, nobody's going to attack you."

Red Sun
He lied.

He didn't know why. He was ready to tell the truth and come clean to Zoe, but his body decided that it felt like lying to her, to himself.

But why?

He asked the question to his mind, and again, he didn't know. Was this going to happen again, him lying to people that he considered his allies, people he once called friends, people he didn't even know?

But it was for the greater good, his own greater good, right? Continue on the track he was going with Zoe, get a better weapon, kill somebody else, outlast everybody else, and win. Simple as tha

No no no, he couldn't think that way, he couldn't fall to the game, he had to keep himself above it, But that wouldn't work, doing that would get him killed, he had to fall, had to

Nonono, why was he thinking this way? He couldn't do it, he couldn't kill someone, he couldn't make it home.

He was losing it.

He realized it, just now. He was losing his mind to the game. A poor boy had a complex moral decision he had to make and he wasn't up to the task. Soon it would take him over completely, probably make him lose his sanity.

That couldn't happen, he had to stay focused, sane, upbeat. He had to live. Had to get out of here. Had to meet his family again.

Wait, Zoe was talking to him again, wasn't she.

She said something about how if something came up for him, he should tell her. Sure, telling her would probably be for the best, but in all likelyhood his body was going to change what he said again.

The next thing she said surprised him. She said that he was all she had left.

Well, there was another reason to not lose it on the resort. Somebody was relying on him. Not at all a reason to excuse what he might have to do in the future, but it was something that he could maybe use to hold onto himself for a little while longer.

He didn't quite know how to respond to it, though. He settled with a simpler response.

“Understood”, he replied, nodding. “Shall we go?”

One step at a time, Michael continued down the beach, to an unknown location.

((Michael Robinson concluded in The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway))

TV2: The Ninth Rolls
Wait, actually, using my swap card to swap Michael Robinson for Michael Robinson. Sorry, Michael, but I'm enjoying writing michael far better than I'm writing michael at the moment. Nothing personal.

Heros and death ideas are still appreciated.

TV2: The Ninth Rolls

Obviously a hero would be great and I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise, gimme death ideas.

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