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TV2 Third Rolls
Naomi is dead.

Don't You?
Naomi tried desperately to get the two electrodes of the stun baton pressed against Jewel again, but to no avail. The both of them thrashed in a scuffle on the ground, Jewel obviously wasn't just going to let Naomi subdue her and take her weapon.

Jewel managed to get a shot off, but Naomi did not feel any sort of impact. Her ears were left ringing from the loud shot, but she was glad that the bullet hadn't actually hit her. Although, she needed to get the gun away from Jewel now, before she could potentially fire another shot.

Naomi reached for the gun, grabbing and pulling on it. She almost had it, she just needed to tug a little harder...

She felt Jewel's knee impact with her chest. She was knocked back a bit, stunned.

Then, the axe blade of the gun connected with her side.

The wound burned. Naomi could feel warm blood, her warm blood, seeping out of her side. The blood fell as she threw herself away from Jewel, coloring the ground red.

Naomi looked at Jewel, then at the bloody axe blade. She tasted something metallic in her mouth. She stood up, her whole body shaking, trying to reassess. Just as she got to her feet, she fell forward, flat onto the ground in front of Jewel.

Get up. She needed to get up, but her arms and legs weren't working. She couldn't move. She could barely breathe. She was dying.

She felt her blood pooling beneath her. She didn't want to die, she needed to live, she needed to get out with Chris.

She had failed already, she had already made a mistake, already killed herself. Her mind grew fuzzy. She couldn't think.

She needed to get up, to fight, to live. She needed Chris, she needed someone.

She needed... she didn't know what she needed.

Her vision began fading. She saw a tunnel, a light at the end. It felt warm, she tried moving towards it.

Then, she saw nothing but darkness.

RF3: Naomi Young: DECEASED

Don't You?
((GM'ing and skipping approved))

Naomi wasn't really sure what to think about a murderer saying it was nice to meet her. Even if she was planning on becoming a murderer herself.

The girl shifted her gun to the other hand and extended her hand to shake. Her guard was down. Now would be the best time to strike. As for how she was going to strike, she didn't know.

Might as well wing it.

Naomi's baton sat soundly in her right hand, she shifted it over to her left, just like Jewel did, and stood herself up.

"Nice to meet you." She said, extending her right hand.

They shook hands, but as Jewel began moving her hand away Naomi tightened her grip.

Naomi then quickly moved and jabbed Jewel under her ribs with her baton, pressing the button to shock her as soon as it connected. Naomi was satisfied. That had worked.

But as Jewel began falling over from the nasty shock, she tightened her grip around Naomi's hand just as Naomi had done not a moment ago and dragged Naomi to the ground with her.

Now she was right next to someone who had a better weapon than her and was likely very mad.

She realized that she had probably made the worst mistake of her life.

Don't You?
Naomi was taken aback when Jewel revealed who she was.

She was one of the people they mentioned on the announcements. She had killed two people, in fact. She was probably going for the ten kill release, just like Naomi. Convenient how she appeared just as Naomi was thinking of how she was going to get rid of the people that were competing with her.

So what would Naomi do? Jump on her and try to bludgeon her with the stun baton? She would need to get the drop on Jewel for that to be a good course of action. No, she needed surprise if she wanted any chance of killing a person with a significantly better weapon than her own.

She decided to answer Jewel's question before she did anything.

"I'm Naomi." She paused a bit, not knowing what else to say. Perhaps being friendly would make Jewel lower her guard. But... she wasn't sure how to be friendly to someone who killed two people already.

She went with something rather weak. "So... nice to meet you?"

TV2 Third Rolls
I'm going to go ahead and ask for a three day extension preemptively, since I have been busy all of last week and been fairly busy this week.

Don't You?
((GM'ing approved))

Naomi wasn't really listening to Cathryn as she answered her question.

She wasn't even really listening when Cathryn asked a question of her own. She answered with a halfhearted "Probably the same as your school." Her thoughts had come back to her plan to kill Cathryn, and she was focusing on that. But, what after that? She really needed to formulate some sort of basic plan to follow moving forward, winging it would probably get her killed.

Eliminating the competition was most important, just like she was thinking earlier. If someone else got the release before her that would make everything she'd done and all the lives she might be yet to take pointless. How she was going to take down somebody that was likely more dangerous and better armed than her she didn't know, but she would need to figure something out.

She heard a noise behind her. She turned her head, expecting to see Chris returning from whatever he was doing, but she saw a girl she didn't recognize instead. A girl carrying an absolutely massive weapon.

Naomi was frightened. She didn't know what to think or do in this situation.

She decided to just ask a dumb question.

"Wh-who are you?"

Don't You?
Naomi looked at Cathryn when she asked her a question.

"The two of us are from the other school, Davison." She looked around for Chris. She didn't see him around them. He was just with them, but it looks like he had gone off to do something.

"Looks like Chris wandered off." She said, to Cathryn.

She drank a bit more of her water and then put it away. She shivered a bit. Even with her sweatshirt and the extra clothes she piled on top of it, she was still fairly cold. It probably wouldn't serve to stay outside of a building for too long. Still, she couldn't lose Chris so soon after finding him. She supposed that she'd just have to wait.

She turned to Cathryn, pushing aside the ever present plan to kill her. "So..." She paused. "I'm not really sure what to say, honestly." She stretched a bit. "Just a bit awkward to sit here without really saying anything."

She paused again. "I suppose I'll ask an easy one. How are you holding up?"

Don't You?
((Naomi Young continued from A New Morning))

Naomi, Chris, and Cathryn arrived at the Orchard.

Yesterday had been uneventful after they left the hotel. The three of them mostly just drifted around and then settled down after a while. The three of them had then listened to the announcement, and started wandering again after it ended.

Naomi sat down on the ground, tired of walking. She turned to the other two. "Hey, guys. Let's sit down for a bit."

She opened up her pack and took out her water. She sipped at it while contemplating how she was going to go about getting her ten kills. There was already competition for the ten kill release. If anything, she needed to eliminate the competition before doing anything else. Even if she put a big target on herself in the process, like Chris mentioned.

Cathryn could be useful in insuring that she managed to take out the competition, and if she died, it was no loss to Naomi.

She closed her eyes and took in a big breath. She was still shocked at the thoughts that went across her own mind.

She decided to stop thinking for a bit and sat there quietly, still sipping her water.

TV2 Third Rolls
Heroing Isabel Santana and replacing her with Naomi Young.

Send me death ideas.

EDIT: Death idea decided.

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