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A New Morning
Naomi was silent for a moment before answering Chris's question.

"I doubt I was going to make it out anyway. Might as well do something that gives us a chance, no matter how slim."

She didn't think she was going to get the ten kills that she needed to go home, but this was the only way; forcing Chris to try to get ten kills wasn't something she was going to do. "I will bear the burden for us both."

She looked at the stun baton and back at Cathryn.

She decided against it.

She turned back to Chris. "For now I'm not going to do anything. Let's just... get out of here."

She turned back to Cathryn. "Hey, Cathryn." She gestured to Chris. "This is my boyfriend Chris. We're getting out of here. If you want to come along with us just follow behind. I don't mind and I'm sure Chris doesn't mind either."

Naomi adjusted her shoulder strap and looked back at Chris. "Now let's get moving."

((Naomi Young continued in Don't You?))

A New Morning
"I'm glad that we're together again."

Naomi responded with that to Chris. She wasn't quite sure what to say. She wasn't quite sure what to feel.

She was happy that she was together with Chris again, but she was dreading the fact that she would have to kill ten people in order for the both of them to go home.

She needed to go home. She needed to be together with Chris. And these people were likely going to die anyway, she was just expediting the process.

But no matter what she thought she couldn't really justify killing ten people to herself.

She looked over at the scene behind her. Lukas and Zoe had left by the looks of it. Cathryn was still standing there.

She looked at her stun baton. She looked over at Cathryn. Cathryn looked fragile and had a pink flamingo as a weapon.

Naomi needed to start somewhere...

She brought herself up to Chris's ear and whispered into it. She needed to let him know what she was about to do. "Okay. We're on opposite teams. Unless one of us is the first to ten kills, only one of us can leave. I don't want you to have to bear the burden of killing ten people, so I'm going to." She lowered herself back down, still talking low, but more audible. "It's the only way. I'm sorry."

She looked back up at him. "But... do you have anything you want to say? Before I do something that I'm going to regret for a long time?"

A New Morning
Naomi didn't have a chance to respond to Cathryn before she turned away from her and started talking to Zoe and Lukas.

She frowned a bit. She didn't like being cut off, but she couldn't control other people and make them do what she wanted. Then, there was a knocking at the door. She turned to the noise. Who would bother to knock under these circumstances? Either someone who didn't know what they were doing or someone who knew exactly what they were doing. Naomi didn't want to be put in a bad position by answering the door, but she had a feeling that whoever knocked wasn't someone who wanted to kill anybody.

She walked over to the door while the other three talked and opened it slowly. Then, to her surprise and jubilation, her boyfriend was standing right there. She hugged him energetically before he could say anything and without anything herself. Then she noticed his team bandanna. Her heart sank. What she had been fearing was true. They were on different teams. She let go of Chris, trying her best not to relay her feelings. If both of them wanted to leave, she needed to kill ten people.

But for now she wouldn't focus on that, her boyfriend was here and it was time to spend time with him. "So, I see that you found me." She smiled and hugged him again. "Now let's not get separated, sound good?"

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