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The Abandoned Mining Island

Regular Forum The Shipping Yard
The shipping yard, found in the southwestern part of the island, is a maze of docks and colorful containers that has remained largely unchanged since the island was abandoned, aside from accumulating more rust. Once a major hub of activity on the island, the shipping yard will soon see action once more, though likely of a far more lethal sort than in its active life.
A Rabbit In My Future Apr 19 2018, 01:46 PM, By Cake
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Regular Forum The Scorched Ruin
To the south of the mess hall lies the ruins of what must have once been some form of barracks or living facility.The building, however, has been gutted by fire, leaving only ashes and blackened timber—the result of improper safety precautions in storage of explosives that eventually led to the abandonment of the entire island as an unsafe workplace. The building was clearly rather large, with the wreckage indicating a number of distinct rooms. The entire place is quietly ominous, a situation not helped by the fact that the layout of the ruins makes it impossible to keep an eye on the entirety of the surroundings at once.
Void Jun 26 2018, 04:16 PM, By General Goose
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Regular Forum The Mess Hall
A large, high-ceilinged building found north of the destroyed housing unit, the mess hall consists of two rooms. The first is a wide open space containing several long bench tables, bolted to the floor. The other is a spacious kitchen, as would be expected for a building that had to cater for a large number of miners. A large window between the two rooms once allowed food to be passed out as soon as it was ready, all the better to quickly sate the hunger of the workers after a long day.
I GUESS THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT WINDOW PAI… May 16 2018, 10:08 AM, By The Yugetnam War
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Regular Forum Isolated Cabin (DANGER ZONE)
In a remote section in the northwest portion of the island are several grassy hills, overlooking much of the area around them. A trail leading up a slope of one of the smaller hills leads to an isolated hillside cabin in the middle of nowhere. The area around the home is surrounded by a small wooden fence. The property contains the wooden cabin itself and a smaller outhouse. Many overgrown bushes and large trees also surround the area around the hills. The cabin appears older than most of the mining-related buildings, but is actually in somewhat better shape, having been refurbished into a foreman's dwelling and then stripped less carefully as the mining company departed.
The Bad Bitches Club Mar 25 2018, 01:23 PM, By Cake
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Regular Forum Tunnels (DANGER ZONE)
The tunnels, leftovers from the failed mining experiment on the island, are rather simple in their construction, with their main branches leading into the quarry and heading out towards the isolated cabin. While the entrance from the quarry is still clear, the entrance from the cabin is overgrown with thick foliage. It is hard to breathe and almost impossible to see without a light source down in the mines. These tunnels stretch all throughout the northern and western parts of the island, allowing access at several points in the coastal woods and near the beach.
Brandone (Ft. DJ KILLJI) Mar 15 2018, 09:24 PM, By Mini_HELP
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Regular Forum Coastal Woods (DANGER ZONE)
These are the woods on the island’s northern coast. The trees run nearly all the way to the sea, allowing only a thin stretch of beach, which disappears altogether depending on the tide. The trees here are largely coniferous, and are in good health, bolstered by a number of wet years and their proximity to the ocean. These woods are largely fairly dense, though clearings are abundant and comparatively-sparse undergrowth leaves them fairly easy to traverse.
Die Hand Die Verletzt Mar 19 2018, 01:40 AM, By Rena Ryuugu
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Regular Forum The Parish (DANGER ZONE)
The parish is set somewhat apart from the ruins of the main dwelling, and takes the form of a non-denominational chapel. Designed in a classic configuration with several rows of pews facing a raised stage, it nonetheless doesn't boast any traditional religious icons out in the open. Cupboards and closets contain an assortment of bibles, crucifixes, copies of the Torah, and other items of worship... as well as a few bottles of a particularly good rum stashed behind the pulpit. For some miners, alcohol held more sway than God.
Gonna Miss Me By My Walk... Miss Me By My … Feb 5 2018, 10:17 AM, By Cake
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Regular Forum The Cliffs (DANGER ZONE)
These cliffs, spanning the eastern edge of the island, form its highest point. The only nod towards safety from the jagged rocks below comes in the form of a high chain link fence, which has rusted and weakened over the years; this part of the island was rarely visited by the miners, as the crumbling cliffs held no valuable ores.
Shoulda Just Stayed In Bed, To Be Honest. Jan 31 2018, 04:47 AM, By CondorTalon
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Regular Forum The Lighthouse (DANGER ZONE)
Situated at the southeastern point of the island stands the lighthouse. Midway up the cliffs, the lighthouse overlooks the entire island. Sparsely furnished, it doesn't offer much shelter or comfort, but a climb to the top of the spiral stairs reveals a telescope positioned next to the light which would allow one to see all the way to the isolated cabin at the opposite side of the island.
I Never Said That I Was Brave Nov 17 2017, 06:05 AM, By Kween in Yella
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Regular Forum The Quarry (DANGER ZONE)
Once upon a time, the quarry, located in the island's western side, was the source of almost all human activity on the island. Now, the large, jagged rock formation stands as a monument to the abandoned aspirations of the miners. A large portion of it has been cleared, and the face is climbable. There are lots of indentations along the face from dynamite blasts and other mining activity, some of which terminate a few yards in and others of which continue far deeper, even in some cases connecting with the tunnels
Did you really think I'd fall to my knees … Mar 25 2018, 05:55 PM, By Zetsumodernista
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Regular Forum The Tar Pits
These bubbling, oozing black pools found on the island's north-eastern side have a sinister appearance. Largely avoided by the miners, the tar pits are found in a grassy expanse of land with a few signs posted containing warnings; over the years, sunlight and rain has worn and corroded some of these signs almost but not quite to the point of unreadability. The biggest pits are obvious at a glance, but smaller patches or tar sometimes burst through the surface unexpectedly, and a number are hidden beneath underbrush. What cannot be mistaken, however, is the strong odor of tar which permeates the whole area.
Zero Sum May 16 2018, 03:44 AM, By Skraal
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Regular Forum The Old Warehouse (DANGER ZONE)
A large, old warehouse found between the mess hall and the parish. The corners are covered with cobwebs, and there are a few cracks in the floor showing its age. Mostly emptied of the ores it once held, the warehouse does still contain a table, chairs, assorted empty boxes, nets, and a number of corroded tools.
Evil Feb 9 2018, 02:32 AM, By Namira
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Regular Forum The Field of Flowers
An open field, filled to the brim with flowers of every size, shape, and color, lies along the island's western coast beyond the quarry. It's truly a beautiful sight, created by a combination of fertile soil, ample moisture, and a number of species of flower imported by the miners thriving due to fortuitous evolutionary advantages over the local flora. Bees and butterflies are common sights in this area, busily collecting pollen and nutrients.
The Way I Am Jun 9 2018, 06:00 AM, By The Yugetnam War
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Regular Forum The Showers (DANGER ZONE)
Downhill from the burned-out ruin, the showers are exactly as their name would suggest. The room is, in essence, a large bathroom facility with an open shower area. It's a sheltered place to rest, but the lone door in the front of the building makes it an easy location to get cornered in. The water, drawn from a well or the rain and collected in a cistern, actually still works here.
Bread And Cirruses Jan 4 2018, 08:53 PM, By CrossbowPig
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Regular Forum The Ravine (DANGER ZONE)
Splitting the cliffs and complicating the approach to the lighthouse from the northern side of the island is the ravine, which cuts into the island, a deep valley with ocean at its bottom, especially during high tide. A large rope-bridge swings dangerously across the middle of the valley on that lighthouse path, though it has been worn and neglected over the years.
That's So Ravine Feb 12 2018, 02:46 AM, By Skraal
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Regular Forum The Lake (DANGER ZONE)
Ice cold and deep enough to lose your depth easily, swimming here is not recommended. Just a little north of the inhabited areas, it's clear from the decayed boat shed built on its edge that the lake was once used for fishing, likely by miners in their off hours. There are even a number of small rowing boats present, though the majority of them are rotted to the point of being unusable.
The Chuck Republic Mar 18 2018, 10:39 AM, By General Goose
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