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The Wild West

Regular Forum The Train (Endgame)
The train which brought the students to The Zone is active once more, and has been declared the site of the final showdown. Each student will be picked up in town as the trains moves, and only one will leave the train alive.
Last of the Alderbrooks Aug 13 2014, 10:35 PM, By Courtography
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Regular Forum The River
A rapidly flowing river spans much of the area, dividing it into two halves. Fording points are few and far between, with only a handful of locations being shallow enough to cross safely. Venture into the river at your peril - the current in the deep waters is more than strong enough to drown the unwary... * THREAD COUNT: 2 *
You're Almost Human, After All Mar 12 2012, 01:39 AM, By Casey the Undead
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Regular Forum Mountain Canyon Path
Across the western side of the Zone lies a mountain range - largely impassable without climbing equipment. However, a small path winds its way across practically the entirety of the mountain range, although it can hardly be considered safe; the path is narrow and often bordered by sheer drops, making it a hazardous route to take. * THREAD COUNT: 1*
The Highest Heights Apr 7 2012, 12:26 AM, By Pippin
Topics: 3 Replies: 15
Regular Forum The Ghost Town
An abandoned town takes up much of the size of the Zone. Many different buildings can be found here, and all of them seem like they've been deserted for a very long time. It's unlikely that much of use will be scavengeable, and if you seek shelter, be wary of others with the same idea...
This Too Will Pass Jun 29 2012, 08:22 PM, By KamiKaze
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Subforums: The Saloon, General Store, The Streets, Town Outskirts, Sheriff's Office, Doctor's Clinic, Homes
Regular Forum Isolated Cabin
In a remote section in the south west portion of the map lay several grassy hills, overlooking much of the area around them, except for the mountain range. A trail leading up a slope of one of the smaller hills leads to an isolated hillside cabin in the middle of nowhere. The area around the home is surrounded by a small wooden fence. Within the property contains the wooden cabin itself and a smaller outhouse. Several dry bushes and large boulders also surround the area around the hills. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Who Says You Can't Hide? Jan 31 2012, 04:27 PM, By MurderWeasel
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Regular Forum The Mines
Within the Cliffside Mountain Canyon, is a large mine complex made up of several long winding tunnels leading from one entrance of the mine to the other. Both entrances are located on opposite sides of the river, thus making it a possible path to travel from north to south. The tunnel's interior is rather dark, difficult to navigate through and in bad condition. The area was formerly used for mining gold or coal, with several abandoned wooden structures and empty crates within the area. The mine is also quite rocky, with plenty of gravel, scree and boulders laying about the place. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Exhausted Apr 5 2012, 10:42 PM, By Courtography
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Regular Forum The Ranch
The Ranch is a large fenced in area, of rich land used for farming and animal grazing. A large two story farm house is located inside of the property. Formerly the home of the ranch's owners, the home is in very good condition, but lacks the supplies it once had or any electricity. Other buildings in the area include, a barn, several chicken coops, corn silo and a stable. Also on the outside are: a large vegetable garden, now only containing withered corn plants, an empty horse corral and a large cow pen or pasture surrounded by barbed wire. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Breaking Point Apr 18 2012, 08:15 PM, By kervin555
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Regular Forum Trading Post
Somewhere along the railroad tracks, sits a lone trading post surrounded by a barbed wire fence. The inside of the trading post contains two separate counters, several shelves a back room for the workers and a storage room. The trading post has been cleared of most of it's stock. Outside of the building are a couple of abandoned and empty wagons. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Bring Me the Head of Simon Mattheson Mar 29 2012, 06:36 AM, By KamiKaze
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Regular Forum Train Station
The train station is an open but largely empty building. Inside are a few offices and rows of benches formerly used for waiting for the next train to pass. Railroad tracks surround the building with a stationary train settled on the railroad right in front of the train station. The locomotive itself can be entered, although it is currently nonfunctional. The train is divided into different passenger carriages, that have also been emptied of most of its items. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Sleep Mar 25 2012, 01:51 PM, By shining knight
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Regular Forum Shrubbery Forest
The shrubbery forest is made up of several small and dry looking trees and shrubbery stretching over many acres of land. The forest is open and quite simple to traverse with only uneven land forming slopes both up and down being the only real obstacle. A section of the railroad passes through it. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Rebel Without a Clue Mar 18 2012, 12:52 AM, By Cash Money
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Regular Forum The Creek
At the very end of the river, centered in the shrubbery forest is the river creek. The river divides into several smaller streams which spread out in different directions. The area has a very pleasant atmosphere with it's abundant lakeside vegetation and healthier looking trees thanks to the water. There are a few tiny homes situated along the banks of the creek, which have long since been abandoned. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Scrambled Egg Mar 26 2012, 09:39 AM, By Jadedflames
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Regular Forum The Chapel
North from the Ghost town is an old fashioned, but well maintained, wood and brick chapel. The building is surrounded by a large stone wall around it's premises. The chapel itself is in good, condition with rows of seats lining the inside of the main sermon room. There is also a back room formerly used by the preachers of the church. Outside of the chapel sits an empty graveyard, giving the location an almost ominous atmosphere. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Open Grave Mar 11 2012, 11:37 AM, By Mini_HELP
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Regular Forum Cactus Patch Springs
Along the southern most point of the zone, grows a wide patch of large cacti, spreading out through several acres of land. Somewhere in the center of the patch, lay a beautiful fresh water spring along side a tiny hill. The grass and vegetation around the springs is greener compared to the rest of the plains. However, the maze of cactus make it difficult to navigate through to the springs. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Far From Home Apr 9 2012, 06:50 AM, By kervin555
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Regular Forum Dry Plains
Covering the entirety of the map is the Dry Plains, a massive prairie of dry and withered grass that give an almost desert like feeling to any traveler. The prairies are typically open, with strong sunlight constantly beating down during the day and cold winds during the night. Random shrubs, dry trees, cactus, tumbleweed and rocks of various size are scattered throughout the Dry Plains. The railroads can be seen stretching its way through all of the prairie. * THREAD COUNT: 2 *
The Long Walk Apr 15 2012, 01:10 AM, By peregrineink
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Regular Forum The Crossroads Bridge
Spanning the river at its deepest points are a pair of bridges, one of them situated far beneath the other. Close to the flow of the water is a sturdy wooden structure, designed to let those on foot cross - though any crossing will surely not be easy. The other bridge is far more modern, reinforced and reinforced again to allow for the weight of the train to pass over it. This railroad bridge, no longer in use, is probably the far safer option to cross the river. * THREAD COUNT: 1 *
Duck, You Sucker! Apr 20 2012, 05:35 PM, By Brackie
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