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SOTF: The Program

Regular Forum Important Information: The Program
Read up on background and details of this particular mini here: this is an essential read if you plan to take part in it.
Important PV3 Info Jan 16 2018, 09:20 PM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 11 Replies: 5
Regular Forum Program V3 Planning/Discussion
With the release of new info on PV3, use this board to plan!
A relationship thread, but with a British … Jan 18 2018, 07:11 PM, By Namira
Topics: 43 Replies: 287
Regular Forum Character Registrations (PV3 Proper)
This is where character profiles for the full PV3 version are submitted. You may have only one character in the queue at a time. Please pay attention to the setting info, which differs notably from past Program versions.
Galahad Matthews Feb 16 2018, 08:14 PM, By Pippin
Topics: 11 Replies: 14
Subforums: Approved Characters (PV3 Proper), Forfeited and Abandoned Characters (PV3 Proper)
Regular Forum Sandbox (PV3 Proper)
This is where the lives of the PV3 Proper characters prior to their abduction may be detailed. Characters come from the village of Bellington in the UK. Bellington is a village somewhat isolated from major population centers, boasting roughly twenty thousand residents.
Commie Newspapers Jan 17 2018, 10:46 PM, By The Yugetnam War
Topics: 1 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Character Registrations (PV3 Prologue)
This is where character profiles for the PV3 Prologue version are submitted. Please pay particular attention to the requirements of the abbreviated template.
Derrick Thomson Feb 9 2018, 01:08 AM, By Kween in Yella
Topics: 58 Replies: 147
Subforums: Character Roster (PV3 Prologue)
Regular Forum Before (Prologue)
This board allows for roleplaying of anything in the lives of the class of National Summit Academy prior to the selection for The Program, from their births to the morning before their selection. Approved characters may be in up to two simultaneous threads in this section, and may be in one-shots no matter how many other current threads they're active in. NPCs may be in only one thread at a time, and are limited to ten posts here.
La Reina Se Queda Reina Dec 15 2017, 04:03 AM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 19 Replies: 137
Regular Forum Cabeza del Dragón (Prologue)
The Cabeza del Dragón, or "Head of the Dragon," is a peninsula that is home to a moderately-sized fishing village. Under direct occupation for a long span of time, the village was recently evacuated as part of the rearrangement of forces and priorities in South and Central America. Much of the machinery of the area's industry remains, and thus it was chosen as a compelling arena in which to hold the latest version of The Program.
You Only Like Me When You Think I'm Lookin… Yesterday, 11:01 AM, By Brackie
Topics: 73 Replies: 1,135
Subforums: Announcements (Prologue), Upper Wharf (Prologue), Lower Wharf (Prologue), Cannery (Prologue), Wet Market (Prologue), First Missionary Church (Prologue), The Dump (Prologue), The Graveyard (Prologue), Boat Shed (Prologue), Seawater Pool (Prologue), Salvage Yard (Prologue), El Diente (Prologue), Trucking Road (Prologue), Casa del Diablo (Prologue), Barricade (Prologue), Seaside Barricade (Prologue), Customs Office (Prologue), Western Dwellings (Prologue), Northern Dwellings (Prologue), Eastern Dwellings (Prologue), Southern District (Prologue)
Read-only Forum Program V1 Archive
Find posts and profiles from Version 1 of the Program game here.
FINAL REPORT: PROGRAM V1 ENDGAME Dec 17 2014, 01:46 PM, By Namira
Topics: 249 Replies: 1,554
Subforums: Program V1 Announcements, Program V1 Student Roster, The Compound, Program V1 Sandbox, Program V1 Planning/Discussion, Program V1 Character Registration
Read-only Forum Program V2 Archive
Find posts and profiles from Version 2 of the Program game here.
Semper Fi May 4 2015, 08:58 PM, By Iceblock
Topics: 235 Replies: 1,987
Subforums: Program V2 Announcements, Program V2 Student Roster, The Alpine Valley, Program V2 Sandbox, Program V2 Planning/Discussion, Program V2 Character Registration

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