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Why Is This Page Here...?

It occured to us that we've got alot going on here both past and present. You know, plot-wise. See, how things work here is that basically the place is free-form, there is no solid plot, so rather than that what we do is concoct diabolical and incredibly entertaining plot devices to throw at you, the members, to deal with. Now, as such, since our creation, we've gone through quite a bit. This page is going to serve as a history page. Not like The Story So Far, which is more character-oriented, but rather just to give you the bare bones of the plots. You'll also see some art pertaining to the plots and as you can see up above, our fancy-shmancy promo vid that Marty whipped up a while ago. Periodically you'll see this page updated as we undergo another plot device with information added as the plot progresses and finally sees completion or resolution. You'll also find links in here to particular threads if there's a scene-setter or to particular threads where huge events have happened and are therefore noteworthy. And there you have it. Our page and purpose.

Yonder Map
Welcome to Yonder, a charming little island the size of Greenland in the Pacific, somewhere southwest of Hess Rise, near Australia. It's pleasantly warm, not too hot, not too cold, winters are mild. Upon this charming wee island is Chesaire City, a bustling metropolis filled with all a person needs and wants from a city. With a wide variety of entertainment, shopping, and sights to see, a person will scarcely get bored. There are also numerous different ecological sights, anything and everything between swamps and marshes to sandy beaches, hills and valleys and forests. Of course, there are a number of other smaller cities, villages and towns upon our island here, one need only explore.


An annual event, more or less, where the kids are all heaped onto the bus to be hauled into the city and taken to the Museum of Heroics and Villainy. You know, to gawk at wax statues of old heroes from as far back as the 1400's and villains just as old, all the way up to fairly modern-day heroes and villains. It's supposed to be all educational and stuff. This time, though, the schools have to share a bus and deal with being in close quarters the entire time. After the museum tour, the students are taken to the park. Chryfder students were to clean up litter and wash grafitti off the underpasses and things, while Volkov students were told to overturn trash cans and generally be little pains in the ass.

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Once again the kids are off on a fieldtrip! This time though it's all about survival out in the wild and all that stuff. The kids are taken out to the woods with their backpacks and tents and stuff but no food, it's up to them to make due with what they've got and learn how to catch a squirrel or a rabbit or something. Now, being that they don't have their own food and have to hunt for it, there's the risk that they'll succumb to baser instincts and resort to cannibalism, so the staff have to go too just in case Timmy decides that Charles looks like he'd be good with a side of fries and ketchup. They've got to build their own fires, pitch their own tents, stake out and claim their own wee campsites and all that wonderfully educational stuff. Whether they like it or not. But fear not, oh unhappy campers, some of the staff fucking hate this too. So at least you can take joy in their misery.

Holy Fogey

A huge massive threat to both schools! Right, so, you know all those old heroes and villains that are all retired now and crotchety having wheelchair races and stuff? Well, Oswald Delaney decided that he'd had enough with the youngin's of today and gathered together a group of heroes like himself and even villains. Making use of a drug called Youthogen and a power-related steroid, they physically returned to their glory days and had powers twenty-fold more strong then they had before. They targetted both schools, intent on wiping the students off the face of the planet for failing to hold true to the titles of hero and villain respectively and likewise slaughter the staffs for promoting and aiding the students in corrupting these images they worked so hard to live up to and maintain.


So you know those pesky mornings when you wake up in someone else's room in someone else's clothes in someone else's life in someone else's universe? ...No? Seriously? Well, you do now. Some select individuals have unexpectedly and inexplicably swapped places with their alternate-universe opposites! Holy Freaking Crap! They have no idea what's going on or why it's happening or, more importantly, how it's happened. But somehow they've got to put two and two together and figure that crazy shit out, then they've got to find a way home. God knows a hero would hate it in a universe where they've killed tens upon thousands of people with their brain, just as much as a vilain would wretch at a picture of themselves kissing babies and hugging mommies and shit. Because that's totally what's going on. They've shifted into a universe that is opposite the one they're familiar with.



Here's the deal, in the spirit of the season, the two campuses are currently suffering a zombie infestation. Like, hardcore. So yeah, go on out there and blast some zombies and try not to become a tasty personburger for the undead maggoty folks. Oh, and while you're at it, feel free to dress up in some fancy-shmancy costume in the spirit of things. Hell, Nicky's running around in a Dr. Doom costume. But yeah, this will last the entirety of October, which is just totally fun, so go along on your merry way getting interweb candy, interweb trick-or-treating, and prance around interweb land in costumes. Your characters, that is, good Lord, please don't send us scary vids of you prancing in a nurse outfit, please. We've still got scraps of innocence we're trying to maintain and sell on Ebay in mint condition, if at all possible.

Current Events!


Holy. Hell. On. Toast. The 210 year old relative of Dmitri and Jules Volkov, to this point believed to have been dead for like, fucking decades, has RETURNED and looks alive and well. No voodoo. No witchcraft. Turns out he's immortal, the bastard, and a chronokinetic. So what's the beef, you ask? Well he's pissed. His family is a raging disappointment, the institute he designed, built and FOUNDED is a disappointment, there's a damned hero academy across the road and many, many many other things are awry. What's more is that he actually OWNS Yonder and, well, that country just isn't being run properly. So he's coming back to take over, take names, murder, and really just be the dictator that Yonder so direly needs.

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Upcoming Events!

Tsh, like we'd tell you that now. We got some stuff cooking up, you should be super essited and all abuzz with anticipation. BUZZ DAMN YOU!