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These are just a few basic rules to be aware of during your stay here. Feel free to PM an admin or moderator for clarification on any of this.

Also, bear in mind that while this site is not directly intended for children, we want to maintain an environment that is suitable for the younger fans, as well. ;]


  • Advertising: Users with fewer than 50 legitimate posts may not advertise, or recruit for, other sites.
  • Harassment: Do not insult, provoke, attack, stalk, or otherwise disturb other members.
  • Inappropriate or 'mature' content: Content that is violent or sexual in nature is not permitted in posts, images, links, etc. Use of profanity should also be minimal.
  • Spamming: Please just don't. This includes double-posting, repeating topics, and posting comments that are either off-topic or do not otherwise contribute to the conversation (e.g., replying to a thread with only 'LOL').
  • Posting: When posting, please try to use proper grammar, capitalization, etc. so as to keep the boards readable.
  • Signature Limits: Please try to keep signatures within 600px by 200px. Anything larger than this may stretch the page, and will be removed.
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