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As the Eagle soars toward the Moon, from our lips to Heaven's ears.

May we at all costs exhort for peace.

May individuals come together in spirit.

May the community combine as one.

May they send out love and caring.

May goodness and mercy surround us all.

May safe sanctuary be always with us.

May we love ourselves and reflect it on others.

~Stumacsu - Stuart Charles Mackenzie - Blessing - January 2003~

Lord, be with the soldiers of the nations.

Bolster them when they need courage.

Lift them up when they are overwhelmed.

Nurture them when they lay wounded.

Hear them when they cry out for you.

Carry them that are faltering under strain.

Stand with them that go into the valley.

Gird the loins of those that face great evil.

Mostly surround them with your love and protection.


~Stumacsu - Stuart Charles Mackenzie - Prayers - January 2003~

As children, for the highest good, we ask the Great Spirit to send his army of light and protection to cover the world in its blanket and to stand beside our men and women as they walk into the unrest of what has been allowed, to provide a shield as they fight for freedom and the safety of all.


I ask the Great Spirit to keep you safe and to guide you on your path. May this candlelight lead us all to a more loving and peaceful place. I dedicate this candle with a request that it will light your way as you return as you went: whole and safe.

(May the Good Great Spirit Bless You)


Oh Great Spirit,

Tunkasila, Kasapa Ate!

Mitawa wicoiye nahon!

Your Sons and Daughters are headed for battle, battle not for just their own, but for others who would enjoy freedom.

Kasapa Ate, hear my words.

Send the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of old to their side in aid, keeping our Sons and Daughters safe from the enemy, both without and within. May the garments they wear be as the Shirts of old. May their armor be strong and keep them from harm.

May your Loving Spirit be with them always, wherever they may wander or are led.

Send Your Loving Spirit to the families of these Sons and Daughters. Give them the strength to go through each day as their Loved Ones are far away from home. Help them to understand.

And lastly, send the Ancient Ones to our Leaders to guide them with Wisdom

Wambli, soar into the Heavens and carry this Prayer to the Great Spirit that our Sons and Daughters return home safely.


Mother/Father God, bless all Your Children as they stand ready to fight in a conflict not of their making. Open the ears of the world's leaders so that they may hear their people when they say, "We do not want war!" If the leaders cannot be diverted from their paths of destruction, protect Your Children as they do as they're ordered and bring them all home safely to their earthly friends and families. Teach the peoples of the world how to love and to reason and to treat each other ethically and peacefully so that no one's child need march to war again.

~Ariana Hawk~

God, go forth together with our sons and daughters.

Cover them in the blanket of your mighty protection.

Let their belief shine so bright, blinding the enemy.

Raise high the sword of righteousness for all to see.

Guard the flanks of the innocent with sanctified comfort.

Send in haste flocks of Angels to watch over each one.

Guide with thine own hands the direction of battle.

Allow the Angels to sound the trumpets of quick victory.

Lord, if it be thy will, into this battle we commit our youth.


~Stumacsu - Stuart Charles Mackenzie - Prayer - January 2003

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