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Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone,

May Your Name be sung with joy as

You help us to live in peace upon Your Earth,

Hold us safely and warmly in Your arms,

And bring us through the storms that would destroy us

Even as you enjoin us to learn from them.

Please guide us along our paths, whatever they may be.

Show us Your boundless eternal love.

Remind us to be kind to those who don't understand Your ways,

And return us to the Place of Rebirth at the end of our earthly days

For Your Spirit dwells within us and protects us.

So it was. So it is. So it ever shall be.

Creator, be with us in this community.

Guide us as we learn to love and to heal.

Hold us gently in Your hands and bless our peaceful intent.

Teach us as we build this group,

And help us to walk in Truth.

God, the Father Almighty,

Look down and smile on our endeavors.

May we always Walk our Walk, and Talk our Talk!

Bless those who participate here, that they may always walk in the path of Goodness and Truth.

Protect them from the evils that abound upon this Earth.

This I ask in Jesus' name.


"Spirit of the Elements" by Josephine Wall

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