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1. Change in sleep patterns

2. Activity at the crown

3. Sudden waves of emotion

4. Old "stuff" re-emerging

5. Weight change

6. Sudden appetite or loss of appetite

7. New, sudden allergies

8. Senses amplified

9. Skin eruptions

10. Hyperactivity alternating with lethargy and fatigue

11. Changes in prayer and meditation

12. Power surges

13. Physical manifestations

14. Looking younger

15. Vivid dreams

16. Life-altering events

17. A desire to change your life and eliminate the boring, dead-end, and toxic

18. Emotional/mental confusion

19. A desire for introspection and solitude rather than social interaction

20. Bursts of creativity

21. Feeling that time is accelerating

22. A sense of anticipation/impendingness

23. Impatience

24. A deep yearning for meaning, spiritual connection, revelation

25. A sense of being different

26. New teachers appear

27. A new spirituality makes sense to you

28. Rapid movement through learning and personal issues

29. Awareness of invisible presences

30. Visions, "illusions," numbers, and symbols

31. Increased integrity

32. Harmony with seasons and cycles

33. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions

34. Increased synchronicity, small miracles

35. Increased intuition, altered states of consciousness

36. Communication with Spirit

37. A sense of Oneness

38. Moments of joy and bliss

39. Integration

40. Purposeful living

41. A new with animals, rocks, and plants

42. Perceiving beings of other dimensions

43. Perceiving people's true forms

44. Manifestation of thoughts and desires

45. Left-brain fogginess

46. Dizziness

47. Klutziness

48. Heart palpitations

49. Faster hair and nail growth

50. A desirefor your soulmate or twin flame

51. Memories resurface

52. Other chakra openings

"Doorway to the Stars" by Josephine Wall

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