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The Hunt on Untouched Paradise[Invite Only]
Topic Started: Feb 6 2012, 01:51 AM (807 Views)
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Forever Falling

Coughing, Wendy weakly laughed some at Ritsu's compromise. Like hell she was going to disarm, not when she figured he must have had another weapon on him somewhere. If she lowered her guard for even a split second, there was a chance he would take advantage of it. Ritsu probably didn't even need for her to back down though. She was so banged up that he could probably disarm her long before she got the chance to shoot. Even so, it looked as if he was injured himself, judging from the glassy look to his eyes. She smiled at this and figured he wouldn't want to do anything to aggravate his wounds, just like her. But, the two simply couldn't keep pointing guns at one another. No, that wouldn't really help either one of them in this situation. There was no way Wendy was going to simply run away with Ritsu looking on, that much was apparent and she determined that even if Ritsu were hurt, he still posed a threat to her. There was no way she could afford to be captured or killed her, so the only other alternative to fighting him head on was to escape. Doing so in her Knightmare was impossible; her Vincent Sky had been rendered useless thanks to Reid Legato. Even if it did work, she was in no condition to pilot it. She snarled at all of this and couldn't think of any other options here. Takeo didn't appear to be anywhere around anymore, so he would be of no use to her either. Slowly, she sat up a little more against her shattered Knightmare to the point she was standing on her knees. Her eyesight blurred and her legs nearly buckled under her, yet she somehow found to strength to next fully hold herself up on her own two feet.

Wendy abruptly felt an sharp pain in her chest and as such, she covered her mouth and literally spat up blood into it, while her other hand held her bleeding side. Despite all this, her shaking hand rose up, aiming the gun in its grasp at Ritsu once more.

"R-Ritsu...I-I suggest you just go back where you came from. I don't...*huff*...want to have to shoot you. We may...may be enemies, but I understand your j-just following...*huff*...orders. J-Just...go back where you came...from a-and they'll be no trouble..."

Wendy wasn't really threatening Ritsu or anything. She was more of negotiating with him, as that was the sole thing that came to mind when on the subject of escaping. Ritsu was a reasonable man, she though, and perhaps there was a diplomatic way to settle things. Even if his orders were to kill Issac and Wendy if need be, she had a feeling he didn't have the heart to do so. No, it just didn't seem like him. While Wendy herself admitted that she wasn't exactly Ritsu's best friend, she figured that he wasn't the kind of guy to just take someone's life all willy nilly. Of course, she could have been wrong and upon thinking about it some more, she realized that it usually wasn't her style to place faith in the actions of others. She wasn't being left with much of a choice, however...

The sound of Issac suddenly laughing like a madman shifted Wendy's focus to him, as she immediately noticed the rated crazed look to his features. Had he hit his head or something in that crash? Issac himself quickly explained the reason for his change of behavior, explaining that his actions thus far had been for the sake of the Black Knights. He claimed that he had wanted to be captured by Wendy all along, just to get a glimpse of the Britannian Restoration League's base and inform his comrades of its location. Issac then had the nerve to smirk toward Wendy, who promptly pointed her gun his way while groaning some. She did not need this right now. If Issac was telling the truth, then not only had she stupidly been ensnared in his trap, but it would now be two on one, with Ritsu siding with Issac. This was almost to embarrassing to bear and Wendy's face changed into a beet red color almost instantaneously. When her senses finally returned, she calmed down and repeated Issac's words in her head.

They didn't make sense.

A smile broke out across her mouth and she in return began to laugh at what Issac had to say. There was no doubt in Wendy's mind that he was lying. Issac's whole claim made absolutely no sense when she thought on it a bit. There was no way he would go through all this trouble just to be captured by her, taken back to the BRL's headquarters, and relay the information back to Zero and the Black Knights. He had gone through too many risk to do so. What would be the point in obtaining the desired information just to die along the way? If Issac were really a spy of some sort, he would have done all of this much more carefully, in a way that would absolutely assure his safety. He had already had his Knightmare blown to pieces, narrowly survived the crash of Wendy's Vincent Sky, and was now staring the barrel of both Ritsu and Wendy's respective firearms. If he really wasn't lying, then Wendy admitted that he had to be the most incompetent, foolish, and dumbest spy in the history of the trade. There was nothing to fear from his bold faced lie, she thought. That was all it was. As such, she began applauding Issac's way, while he sat down, probably feeling accomplished for doing absolutely nothing.

"T-That's a very entertaining story you just told, Issac. But of course, even Ritsu here could tell that it's nothing more than a fairy tale your ruptured brain fabricated! You...*huff*...you think we're going to fall f-for...something so blatantly stupid?! Let me...*huff*...guess, you came up with this whole thing to ensure...y-your own survival, huh?! Tch! I s-should have known...*huff*...capturing you saw s-so...e-easy..."

Her injuries were getting the better of her and she nearly fell over because she was so dizzy. She had simply lost far too much blood. Nevertheless, she never removed Issac from her sights for even a millisecond.

"W-Well?! T-This had...*huff*...better be some sort of...j-joke, Issac...*huff*...Holmes! If not, you shouldn't b-be too surprised when...*huff*...w-when I put a bullet in your kneecap!" With a pained expression, Wendy turned to Ritsu. "Y-You hear what this t-traitor...*huff*...has to say? Y-You...bel...believe him?"
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Best Conversation in the World Below...

Diamond: Wow, Bunny just said 'Gimme a Knife.' I think that's the scariest thing a woman could ever say.
Artie: ...yes...
drobum: nah. "You're the father" is much worse
Diamond: Upvote.
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Yaoi Overlord

Ritsu was not too shocked that Wendy had refused his offer to disarm, but he was quite stunned to see that she had rose to her feet. Shortly though, she had stumbled back onto the ground in her previous state. Whatever injuries she had sustained were clearly taking their toll on her body and to be honest, Ritsu was just a few seconds from attempting to assist her. Just before he wanted to offer assistance, Wendy had once again pointed her pistol in his direction. She stated that she didn't want any trouble and that all would be well if Ritsu would just return from where he came from. To be honest, he wanted nothing more than to go back to the base and relax his head, but there was no way he could just ignore orders like that. If so, then he'd be just like that traitor over there, who had just begun to randomly start laughing like a madman. Seriously, just what was this kid's problem?

So it seems that Isaac wasn't just a traitor, he was quite the idiot as well. His plan was enough to bring Ritsu to his knees, laughing so hard that tears were streaming out of his eyes. He didn't care if he was being stared at strangely, the whole thing was just that funny to him. The nerve of him to call Ritsu the idiot here when it was actually quite the opposite. He wondered if he should even add in his two cents to begin with, not that he could with all the laughing he was doing. Finally after catching his breath, he regained his composure and rose again onto his feet.

And the award for most stupid goes to...Isaac Holmes! Seriously, did you think that little 'super spy' plan of yours would actually work?! Come now, how would a mentally unbalanced boy such as yourself possibly make it out of a base filled with possibly hundreds, if not more, soldiers who are trained to kill the enemy without hesitation? What made you think that you would even be allowed to live after coughing up secret information from the Black Knights? And another thing, we don;t take to kindly to traitors around here, so what made you think we would even welcome you back with open arms?

Ritsu exhaled, letting this mere child in front of him take in all that he had just stated. For sure though, he had a feeling all of it would just travel out of the other ear, not having been processed at all. Pointing his gun back at the fool standing before him, Ritsu listened as Wendy had went on angrily to Isaac. Sadly, he knew very well that the kid wasn't playing a joke....he was dead serious here.

Well Ms. Stalingrad...I don't think you're in the condition to be lashing out at anyone. If anything, you should save your breath, this fool over here doesn't listen to reason one bit. And believe me....I'm so tempted to just ignore my first order and shoot him here and now, he's REALLY gotten on my bad side right now. My main orders were to bring you both back alive, but I'm starting to question whether or not I'd last another second of this one's idiotic banter.” stated Ritsu, pointing his gun in Isaac's direction as an indication of just who he was referring to.

Well, if he could manage to take Wendy back, then he could get her some kind of medical treatment for sure, but he wasn't too sure of what would become of her afterward. Strange, why was he even worrying about her wellbeing to begin with? Perhaps his human side had suddenly resurfaced upon seeing Wendy struggling.

Hmm, do I believe him, or do I believe IN him? To be honest, neither at this point. So, what will ya do now, Ms. Stalingrad?

Surrounding the three was nothing but silence, with the exception of the waves crashing against the beachy sands a short distance away. Perhaps it was too silent, it was beginning to make Ritsu a tad dizzy and sleepy, possibly a side effect of his injury. Shaking his noggin some, he regained his composure once again.

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The insane one ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

Isaac stared at the guns pointed at him with his insane smile "Go on I bet neither of you could pull the trigger" He mocked them and started laughing. He looked at Wendy it was wither from blood lose or pain but he started to see her as his mother the thought made him snap back into sanity his mind started to hate his insane actions. Isaac stopped laughing and then stopped smiling. he then thought to himself "what have i been doing, I have risked peoples lives and I enjoyed others pain my mother would hate me for this". A tear feel from cheek "Your right ritsu i am an idiot and a traitor" he started to cry even more "i betrayed what my mother would think would be good and i placed your life and the Black Knights in danger and i would of found it enjoyable". He pulled out his gun from this clothes "maybe i should end this insanity and get rid of the memory's I wouldn't be able to live with" . Isaac dropping the gun started to clench his chest the pain of his heart was unbearable, the lose of blood and his disease was defiantly the reason. he then collapsed to the ground eyes closed and darkness everywhere.

His first thought was whats happening but then he thought maybe I'm dying ending my terror. The memorys of his life the terror he had cause seemed to flash before him and burn away. Isaac was no more the memory's gone but the body still alive.

(O.O.C) little bit dark but code geass is but what will ritsu and Wendy do.
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i am
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
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Reid chuckled at this stranger's comment. Go with him to the BRL? As if! Reid knew nothing but death awaited him at the BRL Base and he doubted they'd give him the slight chance to fight back that he had now. It was at that moment that his mind kicked into strategy mode. He didn't have the energy to get into a drawn out fight with this man. Nor did he have the resources, holding only 2 full clips for his gun and a flaregun he'd grabbed out of the cockpit. Not knowing what laid in wait for him out in the jungle he thought about his next move. As it stood, both men had pistols drawn and aimed. Neither would be willing to give an inch. It was then that Reid had one last idea. It would make getting off this island a lot harder but it would cut his pursuer off from his path for a good while, forcing him to do a lot of unneeded traveling if he was that instant on getting Reid. Slowly holstering his handgun Reid said "You got me. I know when I've had enough." As he spoke Reid began to empty his pockets as a sign of surrender, showing he had nothing to hide. When he got to the Flaregun Reid made the motion to set it down. In a split second he had pulled the trigger of the flaregun while aiming it at a bush. This caused a fire to start, which began to grow quickly due to all the dry brush around them. Reid attempted to use the growing smoke and flames to sneak away.
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Arturus tu Britannia

Arturus lifted his arm to shield his eyes from the light of the flare, taking his gun off Reid more than long enough for him to slip out of position. Over the mounting flames he fired four or five blind shots into the undergrowth but he knew even that was an entirely impotent action, with the fire rising he could only withdraw. Even if it had only been his intent to facilitate escape, the young pilot had played his hand beautifully and ensured no immediate pursuit. Likewise he had displayed a determination and never say die attitude which the prince found to be most desirable in a soldier, even in his enemy. 'Hmph, you've got the spirit of a warrior...' he said, even knowing that the pilot was likely far beyond the reach of his words. 'I'll let you go for now.'

Turning back, he made for the beach where he came upon the reinforcements he had rushed on ahead of dismounting their Knightmares. You took your time, get along down the beach and then trek into the jungle, there's a Britannian soldier in there playing merry hell with a flare gun.' The apparent head of the men snapped off a quick salute which Arturus returned before making for his Knightmare, someone had to tell these idiots where to deploy after all.

{Exit: Artie}
{Enter: Zerg rushing BRL grunts for Konti to go Rambo on.}
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