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Wendy Alexis Stalingrad
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C.C.; Under New Managment XD
Topic Started: Feb 1 2012, 05:45 PM (248 Views)
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Forever Falling

Name: C.C. (Pronounced like C2) (This is not her real name and she's only revealed her 'real' name to one other person.)

Alias: Cecile; Pizza Girl; the Immortal Witch

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Appears to be in her early Twenties)

Spoiler: click to toggle

Race: Unknown; Immortal

History: C.C. is a mysterious individual who also happens to be an Immortal, a being who can bestow the Power of the Kings, Geass, to whoever she chooses. She has lived for centuries and perhaps is endowed in more knowledge than she would like to tell. Most of past and any person information about her is unknown, but it is clear that she had some sort of affiliation with the Order of the Black Knights and Zero during the war against the Holy Britannian Empire ten years ago. She was often called 'Zero's Mistress' but it is unknown if the two shared any sort of romantic relationship with one another. For the most part, C.C. assisted the Black Knights in battle using her Lancelot Frontier and sometimes co-piloting the Gawain with Zero. After both these units were destroyed in battle, she stepped back in the shadows for a time.

She soon left Zero's side after the war with Britannia was over, where she choose the travel the world a bit before eventually returning to the United States of Japan to try and live a 'normal' life, if that even was possible for her. She would have continued to move around, but she determined that after living so long and seeing everything there was to see, for the most part, there was no need to see it again. As such, she had intended to join the side of the Black Knights again to rid the world of the BRL, as they were disturbing the peace 'a friend' of her's had sacrificed himself over to create. However, she was unable to and instead C.C. settled down and for a short while, she worked at a pizza place to pass the time. She wasn't much of a competent employee, but the free pizza(her only source of food at the moment)made it worthwhile. However, because she often shirked her duties, she was fired soon after and began to wonder around Japan once more. She didn't really mind this, however, and it was back on the road again for her.

But it her relaxation didn't last long, as it seemed someone was looking for her. An unknown organization was targeting her(mostly likely because she was an Immortal) and she soon realized that she would have to stay out of sight to avoid capture. During all this, she happened across a young Japanese male named Yamato Shizuka(the encounter was more of her blatantly stealing his Pizza Hut pizza than anything) who she quickly became familiar with. After a surprise attack on Omotesandō Mall by a mysterious group(later to be identified as 'secret agents' of the Britannian Restoration League and also the organization that is currently after her), she was forced to give Yamato the Power of Geass in a rather life or death situation. Afterward, Yamoto used his new found powers to drive of the agents.

Occupation: N/A

Skills: C.C. is quite proficient with unarmed combat, most likely learning how to fight with so much free time on her hands as an Immortal. She can take on individuals three times her height and weight without any difficulties. She can also use a multitude of firearms and she had a great amount of skill piloting a Knightmare Frame(mostly from working with Zero and the Black Knights in the past). While not necessarily a skill, she can survive any wound because of her Immortal state, able to heal from injuries that would kill a normal human within a matter of hours.

On a side note, she's also rather good at eating a pizza or two. XD

Affiliation: N/A (Currently has a Geass contract with Yamato Shizuka, so she 'supposes' that would be her only Affiliation at the moment.)

Special Rank: N/A

Knightmare Frame: N/A

Geass: Because she is an Immortal, it impossible for her to obtain the power of Geass(although she had her own when she was human.) However, as an Immortal she can give out Geass contracts to whoever she wishes, provided they hold up on their end of the deal. The stipulations of the contract are completely up to her, although, C.C. cannot determine what powers the individual she forms a contract with will be.
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