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ANNOUNCEMENT: We've moved to a BRAND NEW WEBSITE with its own domain name:! Unlike the previous website, the forums are ad-free and fully integrated with the rest of the site. The only issue now is trying to implement most of the features we'd been taking for granted with PHP Fusion. The forum should be good to go for the moment, I plan on testing everything on an alternate forum first before trying to integrate it on the actual forums.
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Sorry, I screwed up the site
Topic Started: Nov 11 2010, 03:37 PM (494 Views)
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Mad God
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Here's basically what happened:

-I wanted to keep SPAMBots out, so I updated the registration system with a reCapcha infusion. I believe this system will be more effective because it's operated by a third party who can regularly update the generation algorithm.

-The infusion was working fine (aside from some sort of problem with the shoutbox-which is somewhat significant actually but it didn't outright break the site), that was until...

-I downloaded the latest update to PHP Fusion and installed it, then I got to where we are now. I can only guess that because the infusion modifies some of the core files it created a conflict of some sort and now the whole site is just plain messed up.

I could try getting on the PHP Fusion forums and seeing if there's a simple way to fix this without ruining everything I've put into the site. It's also possible I could reinstall the CMS without deleting the original databases so most of the original content and registrations would remain. I honestly don't know that much about this kinda stuff-I know generally how to set these things up following instructions but when it comes to troubleshooting I'm totally in the dark.

I'll try to get it sorted out just know that there's a chance that the entire site may need to be set up YET AGAIN from scratch, although this time I'm going to be sure to back-up at least all the theme-based stuff.


Edit: Another possibility I'm looking into is switching to an entirely different CMS altogether. While I REALLY like PHP Fusion and I'm most familiar with it, and the infusions I've discovered for the most part have managed to make up for the features it lacks by default. The main problem I suppose is that I can't exactly make the website look entirely "professional" and the layout is incredibly basic. It's easy to manage but I guess
the main thing is that I'd really like to try a different system and see if I can learn it to the point where I can manage it as easily as PHP Fusion.

Also, reCaptcha has a plugin specifically designed for Word Press.

I'm having a bit of trouble just downloading the thing right now, I might have to try downloading it with a different browser or something. My internet connection is being a bit weird atm.


Edit 2:

List of things I'd like to have on the Word Press-based site:

-A less cluttered interface.

-Retaining a relatively seamless integration with these forums (I may need to adjust the forum's theme somewhat to aide this integration).

-A much better photo gallery system.

-A system to help us in our collaborative effort-easy ways to contact each other and keep each other informed on our progress.

-A download system similar to what we had, perhaps even better.

-Obviously, I'd also like to include reCaptcha for registration verification.

-Maybe a twitter feed. I've been considering creating a Twitter account for our project for some time now. Feel free to discuss if this would be a good idea.

Generally, I'd like to hear some feedback on ways the site may be improved if I can figure out how to set up Word Press for us and make it all work. I've seen a few particularly impressive sites that use Word Press so I'm guessing it's pretty good so it's simply a matter of whether or not I can figure things out and it doesn't end up becoming a complete mess.
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Admin & Head of the IoC
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Use Drupal, it's supposed to be the most secure CMS and it's editor is real easy to use, plus, it's very web 3.0-ish. :D
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Mad God
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I may try that as well-although I had tried it for my Murder Simulator website (which I never finished putting together) and I can't remember whether I found it to work well or not. I might possibly use that site as a testing ground for P:C as opposed to setting up another CMS installation here while not knowing whether I can get it to do what I need it to. lol
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Mad God
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Okay, here's a few updates: I've started a Twitter account for us. I'll PM the password to zackg if he wants it and to anyone he thinks should have it. Might start a Facebook page as well, not sure.

I might experiment with Joomla and I'll probably try something with phpBB, especially since we're pretty much agreed on moving to another forum. The advantages are it'll be integrated FULLY with the site and most importantly there will be NO ADS. lol

Only problem is if something goes wrong with the site the whole thing will be down, however we can still use Zetaboards as a backup if necessary.

All the current CMS pages are purely for experimentation as I intend to register as a new web address for the site and set up everything directly there. I don't believe I'll have the funds (it's only $10, but I'm rather tight on cash right now) until early December and that's just as well since I want to decide on which CMS I'll use and how I'm going to have it set up before moving forward anyway.

Another thing I'd like to put open to discussion is which theme we might base ourselves on if we end up going with phpBB, here's a few thing I think look promising-note that I'll probably rework theme to look a fit more with the current style of our site using material from the Oblivion Fankit and such:

Celtic Dreams:
Dark Fantasy:

I already use Dark Fantasy for my Hyrule Isle message board, but I plan on doing something a bit different in terms of reworking the theme anyway-although it'll still be somewhat similar in appearance.

Edit: Some of these themes are confirmed to be enabled for Board3 Portal, which is something else Fliggerty's site uses.

Celtic Dreams, Dirtyboard, and Dark Fantasy all appear on the Board3 forums so I'm assuming they're enabled to use its features.

Dark Fantasy Portal Demo:
Dirtyboard Portal Demo:
Celtic Dreams Portal Screenshots: 1 & 2

Here's another theme I found from the same person who made Celtic Dreams (Celtic Rogue):

I'd assume that works with Board3 portal as well.
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Mad God
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Okay, here's the current problem I'm running into.

I managed to get our awesome new "style" for phpBB to work with the Portal3 mod, however I could do that only because there were instructions specific to that theme which I used to modify it for compatibility. The next mod I need to install, the one which will give the site an image gallery, does NOT have instructions specific to the theme, and I can only hope that there are enough similarities in the right places to the point where I can easily integrate things together. The other problem is that just about every mod for phpBB involves editing the site's code, which is a bit grueling since if I get one bit of code wrong the whole site gets screwed up-so I guess I'm glad this isn't the actual site yet. lol

Still, installing the gallery is estimated to be an hour-long process, which I'm DEFINITELY not looking forward to, and I'd really prefer NOT to have to repeat it for the site proper but I'm hoping the fact that I'll have a copy of the revised theme will cut that at least by half-plus the fact that I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing.

If you want to take a look at the test site as it is presently, you can check it out here:

It's shaping up pretty good and I'm hoping against hope that I can seamlessly integrate the key features we need. The image gallery is obviously the big one.

I was going to go with a package that includes all the features built-in, but I discovered quickly that the features also need to be integrated into the theme as well-and since it doesn't come with any instructions on how to do this, I've decided it's better and probably safer, however time-consuming, to integrate each feature manually.
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