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ANNOUNCEMENT: We've moved to a BRAND NEW WEBSITE with its own domain name:! Unlike the previous website, the forums are ad-free and fully integrated with the rest of the site. The only issue now is trying to implement most of the features we'd been taking for granted with PHP Fusion. The forum should be good to go for the moment, I plan on testing everything on an alternate forum first before trying to integrate it on the actual forums.

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I'm SamirA, Concept artist and Interiors builder extraordinaire! I work with several large province mods including Tamriel Rebuilt and Skyrim: Home of the Nords, in conjunction with our own wonderful Province: Cyrodiil. I hope you all enjoy my work!

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Nov 23

Then it grinds to a halt.

Of course as I think things are beginning to move along again the train slows down to a crawl. I really wish the others would find some time to put in some work on P:C it is a worthy project and after the first release we should be able to grab some more modders to keep progressing.
Posted Nov 23 2010, 12:15 PM · No comments
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