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CDC Remants and other factions
Topic Started: Nov 4 2017, 01:13 AM (100 Views)
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Posted Image CDC task team on patrol


“we are the flames we are the cure”

The story
The CDC was made for public education and disease control not disease eradication as I pen this word I cannot imagine the thoughts running thought their heads of the CDC as the “thousand plague” started to spread thought out the USA.

In a matter of days, the disease had spread though out the USA, striking without rhyme or reason in some villages where wiped out whole sale while others had barely a cough, struggling to find answers and deal with the scope of the crisis the CDC as thrust in to the spot light.

The CDC was unprepared for the scale and scope of the plague, the plague lacked any symptoms beyond a simple green coloured of the veins but by then it as normally too late as the disease would their warp, kill or maim the infected.

The CDC response to the horrors of the plague as mixture of soft and hard operations, screen infection, issuing of gas mask and encouraging healthy activities, along with burning infected building, killing of “diseased carriers” and rounding up of “suspects”.

The CDC effort on the plague where however useless for all of their knowledge
it was useless, the plague showed no signs of slowing, the response as to give CDC increased power and an increase in the ruthless as they sought to deal with it.

When the president’s emergency cabinet was killed in a bomb blast the CDC was left rudderless and now in the shatter states they do what they can to help rebuild.

Current situation
At the current moment the CDC is like with most government agency’s shattered and scattered, the collapse of the united states as united nation states and rise of non-state actor, micro nations and other forms of government in the power vacuum has left the CDC was divided that’s struggles to continue to fight the plague much less cure it.

There are currently 3 main factions that’s splits of the CDC

Centred around Druid Hills, Georgia the “mainist” is a small CDC city state centred around the headquarters for CDC who’s main goal is fighting the diseases, the small city lacks critical resources other than knowledge and some limited faculties of medical treatment and production.
The city state concern with fighting only the plague and helping others gives it a great degree of neutrality as other surrounding powers are content to let the city state be, gifting them medical samples, food, fuel and armaments to further the goal of fighting the plague.

While the city state has been able to ride out the worst of the plague it inability to treat the disease to any level often causes fiction with some groups who would rather see the city state turned to some else more production.
The CDC becoming a semi city state has also created friction with in the group as they are main less scientists concerned with treating the plague than running a fiefdom and power plays.

For tis defences the city state boasts a small part time militia made up for it by being quipped with Hodge podge of weaponry.
For anything needing a heftier firepower the CDC has there action teams, made up the members of the USA that’s where seconded to them during the height of the plague, the actions teams are formation boasting the best weaponry and training the CDC and old world USA have to offer the action teams accomplish the mission of the CDC weather tis fighting other city states or raising for supplies.

The statist are the remnants of CDC teams that where spilt up in side of serval different states when the USA collapsed. Now days many of theses teams make up the CDC of said nation i.e the Alaskan replica CDC, the Hollywood CDC, the Dixie CDC

The powers and resources of theses vary some are more advisors and part of the public health infrastructure while others are more elite special forces teams that deal with bio weapons.

The collapse of the united states also created a whole range of non-state actors, one of the groups created where the so-called burners starting off as corpse clear up teams and waste disploase. When the plague began to pick up often the teams just burned the bodies and the house with it

The lose of the use government melry cause it to get worse as the so called clean up teams decided to keep fighting the deasie with fire and fire power covering form one settlement to another destroying all I the path making it a threat to everyone.

war band
as a warband the CDC remnants should enjoy
1. Long term restiance to deaise [ ie re roll is a party member get sick
2. Better medical care
3. A lot of fire arms form the 80s/90s along with captured gear
4. A lot humvves
5. A lot of flames weaponry

The warband should be mixed training reliant the mix of personal the CDC had at there dispole ranging from spec ops to reservists to deputy’s pressed in to serve.
The warband should have a slow start as some the more trained parts have to do the heavy lifting but with great medical care and deasie restiance the CDC is far more built up to work in terms of long game than being a quick grower.

In state action the CDC should enjoy
1. Good medical care
2. Mixture of gear
3. A lot of fire arms and fire power form the 80s.90s

The CDC field in platoon size should ironically not be made up of CDC members, but mainly militias, reservists and other odds and dens, the platoon should enjoy a lot of firepower though dated and lot of medical support.
The platoon should have some dated comm and its advantages should be about long term staying than Combat process.
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Crazy Joe
Mutant Hunter
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Great flavor and tie into gaming!
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thank you working on a Icelandic faction at the moment
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Big boss warlord dude!
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Nice background fluff.
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Icelandic survivor republic

When the plague swepted though Europe Iceland despite its isolation Iceland suffered from the plague, thousands died and Iceland’s population of 330,000 fell from 330,000 to 110,00 from their plague, starvation or simply fled.

The plagues caused a massive contraction in trade, good will and general getting along so Iceland isolated and along was left to fend for itself cut off from food, trade and supplies Iceland population dived and ended up as a barley function society on the edge of world.

Iceland was slow to react to the thousand plagues only being able to issues masks and warnings as Iceland’s relied on international trade to for fill its stocks of food. The thousand plague was however nothing like any one had seen before and soon whole towns here lying dead as the disease burned tis away though Iceland deveasting the pupation leaving family without brothers sisters and fathers and mothers more importily Iceland without trade. The government was faced with short fall in food tried to impose strict rationing but with only small food stocks they collapsed under the weight.

The slowdown in trade did the rest of the work the population noised dived from 230,000 to 110000 as the rest felt in what craft they had while others starved in their homes as winter took hold. The starvation elves of food drove the few remaining to fight over food it was only spring that the fighting stopped, and any form of movement could be rebuilt.

Sprocitc fighting continued between survivor though out the next few years with raiders and pirates added in to mix as community where rebuilt. It was only when union of British states and the united states of the us navy sized the west of the country that it forced the survivor to band together against the threat of hostile foreign power take over though such an alliance is reluctant at best and unready at the worst.

The Icelandic survivor republic reason one of the most unstable and hostile places on earth while willing to trade it is business like and to the point.

The Icelandic survivor republic is more of a council than a function government the breakdown of the Iceland government has caused a lot of bad blood. The only government type they could form there was a form of loose confederation/union their power is invest in a council chosen with each member form the settlement with each settlement given a wide degree of leeway in this work.

The only 3 things at are national one is power generation, the second is the armed force and the 3 is the merchant marine which focus on trading to give thru off that they need.

The government main pull is the united agonist outsiders and getting food, as long as these two things are there the government will function.


the Icelandic survivor republic is hostile to outsides and weary of trader’s Icelandic community’s tend to be clusted around ruins of towns with few outposts here and there each survivor community has a strong indepenat spirt and is best view as their own mirco nation and state than county.

generally speaking each settlement has a strict food rationing system to the point of paranoid bean counting, something to trade and a small militia. Each is usually run in their own way [ usually by a small council] and has their own set of basic laws.

The only positive thing that the Iceland republic has going for it is power as the old geothermal plants still thinly run giving the community’s some form of light and heat though how much longer that will last is unknown as parts are hard to come by.

Before the plague Iceland had no military, Iceland was once the most peaceful place in the world with little crime and no violence but today it is seen as short sighted, Iceland lacking the military capabilities was unable to stop the union of British states sizing part of the north-east Iceland nor the united states of the us navy doing the same.
And with the rise of pirates and other raiders the lack of a military forced Iceland to really on bigger and far more ruthless powers.

To the Icelandic military was far more of a paper exercise than anything a simple few words, led to the officialism of serval defences forces and militia groups in to one united forces as the icelandic defence unit.

This simple did official nevertheless did not make up for the material issues faced by the icelandic military , the militias lacked every facet of military firepower, having to make do with shotguns, air rifles and bows to ward off raiders. Iceland’s formation of a military units was hampered further by a distrust in the government and its lack of military cabailties.

Armed force
On paper island can field 4 brigades of 5,000 men each with a further 4 in reverses, of course the paper is alto different form reality, the formation of 4 brigades is a massive drain on the ISR my any measure and 3 brigades are kept in cadre units of around a few hundred each.

the one brigade kepted at full strength is the closest thing that Iceland has to full time military had up of ex police officers, harden survivors and a few ex members of soldier form foreign service. The brigade dubbed the first and only is deployed in penny packs around the Iceland both to ensure the loyalty of the militias and to make sure that they aren’t strong enough to attempt a coup.

The brigade also sports a few of ice lands heavy weapons and heavy vehicles giving it a advantages over the rest of the army.

First brigade
1 1,000 – broken up in to small hundred man units and spread around the north west of the country in defensive positions
2 1,000 - kited as armoured reverse near the capital thought armoured is too strong a term as its made up of odds and ends and home build vehicles
3 1,000 – kept in the capital as a guard
4 1,000- deployed near the east of the country in penny packets to strength the militia
5 1,000- deployed in the west in penny packets to strengths the miltia

The ISR navy is a few small tugs and haulers reposed with what ever heavy weapons that could be found the islandic lost there cutters early on to more heavily armed parties leaving them with a few vessels which are mostly kits odds and ends.

Air force
The islandic air force consists of 3 helicopters of version make and only 12 aircraft of varying make and type the rest being used by one of the two of the bigger settlements for supply work.
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