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Big boss warlord dude!
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Okay here is my choices for the Warlord Mad Dan of Fortress of Rust, The Mound, Republic of Dan, mattblackgod's world.

Which one to choose?? Whats your thoughts?

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L-R NY3K ganger, A mix & Match Wastelander I made and Jakar Nilson NY3k Legends (NY3K figures are available from East Riding Minis)

1. The NY3k Ganger is intimidating looking. If I was to use him as a Warlord some crude tattoos will be added along with a nasty looking fire arm.

2. The Mix & Match Wastelander (Sham) has a look about him. Nothing much needed for him. He has a certain air about him helped by the staff and cloak. This Wastelander is a mix of 40K & WHFB parts with a Westwind Bikers head. The staff is a converted spear and the shotgun is scratch built. The figure will need touching up as it appears the paint is chipped on the head. :(

3. The last one is Jakar Nilson figure. A nice mini with a double barrelled shotgun and a sinister looking helmet. He would make a good gang boss. But would he cut it as a Warlord??

Which one should I use for the part? Pick a number!

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