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@Tink, PLEASE post pics, successes and near hits, for the 'special sauce' project. I'm away studying and have limited space and funds, that's part of the reason why I just bought the AP product. I have to say, it's fantastic. I use the darkest tone the most, I like the cartoony grittyness. I painted all my Zombies! zombies and figures with it, my Dark Future minis and Mansions of Madness. I plan to paint Zombicide with it as well.
The only critique, I don't care for the AP matt. It's SO matt. I'll pick up a case of Dullcote from FLGS and cool everything down with that.
@Annerios Thanks so much mate! I really love the scale! Once I finish the last 2 cars I'll get to work on the bikes and then the peds. I'm having a great time with the project. I also need to get the weapons painted up...lol
I've been following your projects as well. Way to set the bar Mate!
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