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Ok, about 2 months ago I posted some pics before I left for holiday. I labeled this post my 'Lord Humungous Vehicle', and actually had the model painted and 'dipped' right before I left, but it was too wet to take pictures of. In that time, some things have changed.

1) I was unhappy with this first attempt at the LH truck, as I just made a generally generic, if not beastly, vehicle.

2) I 'demoted' this vehicle to an 'elite' trooper in the gang, perhaps if Wez had a truck, this would be it.

3) I made a new Lord Humungous Truck that I am just pleased as punch with.

4) I made a 3rd (and soon to follow 4th) vehicle for a future total of 4 vehicles for the gang.

5) Here is the fruit of my labor, as always, please let me know what you think!
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