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I think you'll like the replacement for factions, you have much more control over what your gang is like now. Its hard to eliminate people playing the rules but its a much more level playing field with the changes I'm trying out.

There's a chance of what you said with scouting. Basically if you flee from a scouting mission any unit that rolls a 1 is not only killed but leads them straight to a randomly chosen piece of your territory.

Yeah don't worry, I hate having to track a lot of stuff too so the upkeep is dead simple. 1 for a dreg or civ, 3 for the rest, 5 for a hero and 10 for a vehicle. Resource rates have been tweaked to match.

The combat rules haven't really changed. If I've got a powerful weapon I tend to go for aimed shots with it when I can but sometimes I just don't trust my dice luck and prefer two goes at it. Even if you're always better off with two standard shots I still like having the option to go for an aimed shot when it feels right. I'm not sure what the fix would be to it but I'm open to suggestions.

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