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Cheers, for anyone interested there's going to be a much better but smaller version soon-ish. Here's what's happening with it and why it has a lot more content for a lot less printing!

No factions: Instead choose traits for your gang. Take negative traits to gain more positives. For example Road Warriors could take expert driving, mechanics and expert scouting as well as limited territory and code of honour. This cuts out about a third of the rulebook size and is a whole lot more fun.

Re-Balancing: Units now require upkeep and there's a limit to how many you can have to prevent things becoming too easy later in the campaign.

Simplified Missions and Events: One modular table generates missions, road missions and events. You'll never roll a result that has no effect meaning no wasted campaign turns.

Failed Scouting: A failed scouting roll now means your scouts ran into a patrol and must fight a preliminary battle prior to you deciding if you'll invade. Sending nothing but fodder units out to scout is no longer such a great idea!

There's some other good stuff but these are the bits that I think will make the most difference to the game. I'll be posting up some batreps soon.
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