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I wish I had a good AAR but that day at the shop was also a 40K tournament and I had to wait like 4 hours for a table to finally open. I'll be running it again and promise to take better pictures and track the action. It was my first spin with the rules as well so I was busy explaining everything and getting everything in order.

The rules themselves are pretty easy to understand and has a good flow. Probably the only thing was the slow speeds at the start when the cars are bunched up and ineffectually ramming each other. At starting speeds it's really hard to do much more than scrape paint. We did have a car slam on the anchors and another vehicle rear ended it and the collision set off both of the cars' weapon magazines. *boom* Two cars out of the race right at the first corner.
The rules run light years faster than Car Wars. Not sure how they measure up against Dark Future as I never played that one. Personally I like them better than Axles & Alloys, Warlands, and Car Wars. Need to pick up the motorcycles and pedestrians supplement as well.
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