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I LOVED playing carwars a lot back when i was younger, with the cardboard counters, micromachines and hotwheels. carwars is more rules heavy but has a LOT more depth and customisation possibility and character advancement/campaign style setup. the one thing that really is a downer for carwars imo is the ammount of record keeping and the turn key makes playing on 3d terrain a bit of a pita at times

Warlands is a lot faster paced, and easier to pickup and play a game. the rules are simple enough to keep the pace moving without being overly simple to the point of being boring. there is not as much depth in warlands as there is in carwars yet, but it seems that they are working on adding content when they can fit it in, being a small company who's owners work full time jobes aside from the game dev.

I recently tried to play Carwars again a year or so ago and had a bad case of "wow i dont remember this game being so horrible". I guess my tastes in gaming have changed since i was younger, but i found it clunky, cumbersome and all arround boring to play when i tried it this time. Constantly flipping through the compendium to find things and working the turning key made us go meh and quit after about 3-4 rounds. Warlands on the other hand I enjoy quite a bit more, even if it is a bit limited when placed beside carwars.
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