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Crazy Joe
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I love Car Wars, and have written many articles around using it as a Post Apocalyptic Wargame/RPG. (Shameless plug - Which you can find here: http://myweb.cableone.net/manycubes/games.htm)

That said, the base rule system is 30 years old and was never designed to accommodate ease of play. The old rule system covers movement and combat second by second with handling, speed, damage, ammo use, etc… charted and tracked for every vehicle and figure in the combat. The scale allows for large numbers of forces per side, but the bookkeeping doesn’t.

SJG cobbled rules to it over its 30 year life time, but their focus was on adding new vehicles, arenas, and info on their own timeline.

The new Car Wars rule system is designed to be less cumbersome, but in its present form it is nothing more than some basic combat rules for pregenerated vehicles. Everything else has been stripped out.
I have not played Warlands so I can’t comment on it.
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