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Oh and I totally forgot to say I wrote some Car Wars fan fiction (haha...yeah) for Nanowrimo last year. I went for a cheesy, pulpy feel (to mirror Car Wars itself), which is why you should read the summary in a baritone announcer's voice:

The year is 2041 and fortress towns jealously guard vast algae farms. Between the lone bastions of civilization are the burning wastes. The new frontier of danger, excitement, and riches is home to…the highway cowboys.
Their steel mounts are souped up cars and semi-trucks loaded with an array of machine guns, missile launchers, and flaming oil. Whether looting and pillaging or defending the meek, their driving exploits are loved by all.

Our tale focuses on the adventures of three heroes of the road:
Sunny Miller, a skilled up-and-coming autoduelist with a quick smile and quicker trigger finger. Will his experience in the muddy derby pits help him survive the untamed highways?
Worn out and beaten down by the world, Preacher Pike is a man on the edge. Having replaced faith in the good book with faith in a good gun has kept him alive this long. Will his suicidal tendencies finally catch up to him?
The lovely Sassy Sass, a working girl with a heart of gold. Driving passengers between towns in her armored taxi pays the bills, and couriering illegal drugs keeps her in the lap of luxury.

When a critical job to carry a package across America drags these unlikely and unwilling companions together, an explosive rush of high octane excitement follows!

Full 50,000 word story: Highway Cowboys fanfiction
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