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I have been some days transforming HotWheels and other toy cars in Post-Apocalyptic cars for games like Warlands , Dark Future and other similar.
That's the result (including step by step transformations). I'm doing some cars more, I will post them here when I finished them. I hope you like them :(|:):

The first car is a Pontiac Firebird 400 of 1967 from HotWheels.
The car untouched:

Posted Image Posted Image

The car before some modifications (the hubcaps of the wheels are shields from Warhammer, the autocannon is made with some pieces and a ferrari model kit transmission bar...)

Posted Image Posted Image

The finished car, painted in german grey with panzer decals and dirty (mud effect).
Posted Image Posted Image

The second car is a Dodge Charger in "drift" version, also from HotWheels.
This car is very beautiful!

Here is untouched:

Posted Image Posted Image

And the transformation. The front plate is from a spanish military Pegaso truck model kit, side protectors are from different tank model kit of different scales (Leopard, M113 APC), the skull of the hood is from GW undead and the heavy machine gun is from a swedish Strv in 1/35 scale.

Posted Image Posted Image

Here is finished. Is in american miltary color (to contrast with the other hehehe).
Posted Image Posted Image

The best of all is that I have not spent any money in this! (I have the cars from my collection and the pieces are all from my box of pieces)
I will add more cars when I finish them. :pickelhaube:
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