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Welcome to the Wastelands Junkers. What part of Spain do you hail from?

I'm from Madrid, the capital of Spain. It's a good city for wargaming because there are a lot of shops and gaming clubs but the most played wargame is warhammer and his variants (in my neighbourhood there are 3 GW stores!) but the players of another miniatures games here are increasing :yes:

You should try Axles and Alloys as its free and quite easy to play

It looks great, looks easy and fast to play, I prefer easy games (and when I have learn to play, I use to add my own new rules :(|lol: )

see if you can spot one of mine 28mm cars on there! Fame at last!! :D

You have some very, very, very nice cars! I like specially this one:
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When the zombies destroy the civilization I will search a 1937 Mercedes-Benz like this to be my car :pickelhaube:
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