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Big boss warlord dude!
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Welcome to the Wastelands Junkers. What part of Spain do you hail from?

Mad Max style car gaming got me back into the hobby after a long time away. It also drove the passion which has resulted in a massive collection of models, minis and ultimately setting up this forum.

You should try Axles and Alloys as its free and quite easy to play (it is base on the Full Thurst Starship rules). Take a look here, Axels & Alloys 2 (see if you can spot one of mine 28mm cars on there! Fame at last!! :D ).

There is also Road Wolf. There is some nice cars and terrain tips on there too.

There is also the Road Rage V8 rules.

I was massively into car gaming. I still have my Dark Future Sets and some of the cars from the Axles and Alloys days. I still pick up the odd car that catches my eye in case I ever get back into it. The main thing that put me off at the time was the limited amount of suitable figures out there in the right scale.
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