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Thanks for the welcome! :pickelhaube:

Hello there, Paiux is from Spain and he will be delighted

Oh! It's a great thing!, but I have read in another post that he lives in Valencia. I live in Madrid (about 300 Km of distance).

Dont let them talk you into cleaning the toilets with out a chem suit ,bath night ,well be early and the tinker flakes are worse than they sound :yes: The various on a stick products are mostly edible,cat,rat and iguana.Little slice of Heaven...ah. That gigapudding is in serious trouble around here...unless its butterscotch :(|nurk: I hate butterscotch.

I'm not sure about what are you referring with this (my english are not always very good), but I catch this important things of your message :book:

- Don't clean the toilets (the guy of the chem suit will do it at night)
- Iguanas, rats and cats are tasty here (but I prefer to catch the chicken :catch: )
- You are against the Gigapudding
- I don't know what kind of thing is a butterscotch but it sounds terrible :this:


If I remember correctly there's a couple of vehicle only PA games that are floating about, but I can't remember of the top of my head what they are (Dark Future?), perhaps some of the others might be able to give you some ideas.

I have read about Dark Future, Warlands, CarWars and some others but really I don't know how to play them or where find the rules. By the moment, I am building the cars (the best part of Post-Apocalyptic wargaming :goggleson: )

There's that free Axels and Alloys game too if you just want vehicles.

Thanks for the information, I will investigate it. I'm looking for a game with small cars but I have a huge collection of sci-fi miniatures to play another Post-apocalyptic games. I love games with zombies and destroyed cities :Arr:

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