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I use 28mm-ish because that's what I was introduced to first. If I had the choice now, I'd be hard pressed to choose between 15mm & 28mm.

There's a ton of great PA and Sci Fi stuff out in 15mm now. WWII & other genres can be pressed into PA service too. You can also have some truly huge mutated beasts for cheap by just using 28mm critters.

The only thing that might make me choose 28mm again, would be convertability. There are countless heads and weapons available for 28mm converting, not to mention the plastic sets. Plastic makes it even easier to use fantasy, ancient, and WWII minis in a PA setting. It would be a tough choice to make. I'd probably go insane(er).

There's also the fact that you can store nearly twice the amount of 15mm terrain as 28mm terrain.
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