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Welcome to the wastelands....I am a 28mm man myself. Here are my thoughts:

28mm has lots of nice minis to use. Plenty of terrain available. GW stuff is handy for conversions. Vehicles can be a bit limited but 1/43 cars fit nicely. Plenty of cheap toys to convert. 1/48 kits and 1/35 kits can be used or cannibalised, but they can be pricey. Ramshackle bikes are nearer 30-32mm so might be a bit big, try the Westwind roadrage line as they are true 28's.

20mm is limited PA wise for figures but has great availability for vehicles in the form of Hotwheels cars and 1/76 military kits.

15mm has fantastic amount of mini lines out there (I am tempted to go 15mm!). The size improves storage. Terrain is available too from the military side. Easier to paint too. Vehicles can be difficult to find.
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