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I'm working on a sort of alternate Car Wars setting in which there are no electric power plants... it's all internal combustion. This makes power plants much more expensive -- and bigger -- but they don't weight nearly as much, and they tend to be more powerful. Acceleration tends to be higher, although Top Speed is sometimes unimpressive with heavier vehicles.

I'm also "banning" all dropped weapons except Smokescreens and Drop Spike Plates. In official dueling arenas, these weapons can cause expensive, lasting damage to the dueling surface... and on the open roads, they pose an undue hazard for other drivers as well as causing expensive highway repairs.

Note that these weapons could potentially be obtained through illegal means, but they are absolutely forbidden in AADA-sanctioned events, and vehicles using such weapons on the open roads faces impoundment of his or her vehicle, and/or Summary Vehicular Capital Punishment (death by cop cars.)

The only other items that are not available are Lasers and laser accessories... except the targeting Laser. You can have those, if you really want to pump money into a "cheap" Rocket system instead of just buying a better weapon LOL. All other Laser Weapons are unavailable; the technology simply doesn't exist to make vehicular-sized Lasers with sufficient power to fire more than one shot without draining the vehicle's power completely.

I've made about six designs each (including variant models) for Division 5 and Division 10. Working on Division 15, but the designs aren't coming as quickly now that there are more items available LOL.

A couple examples:


Based on the pre-war car of the same name, the Division 5 Beetle is a solid, reliable, dependable dueling vehicle for entry-level drivers. It's not fast, and it handles like a brick, but it has a highly accurate weapon system with a high ammunition capacity, as well as an Armor rating unsurpassed by any vehicle in its division. The Beetle wins battles by conserving its ammunition and outlasting its opponents, finishing them off when they're crippled and/or out of ammo.

Subcompact, Light Chassis, Light Suspension, 50 cu. in. Engine, 4-Gallon Economy Tank, 4 Standard Tires, Driver with Body Armor, Front-firing Machinegun with 20 shots and a Single-Weapon Computer, 94 points of Plastic Armor: F30, R18, L18, B18, T8, U2. Total Cost = $4994, Total Weight = 2068 lbs. Acceleration = 5 , Top Speed = 75 MPH, Handling Class = 1, Cargo Capacity = 2 lbs, 2 Spaces.


Comfortable with the overall look and feel of the Beetle, but ready to move up to Division Ten? The Super Beetle is perfect for you! Featuring a heavier Chassis, better Suspension, a bigger Engine, tougher Tires and slightly more Armor, it sports not one but TWO Machineguns, and it's even Turbocharged for better Acceleration at higher speeds.

Subcompact, Heavy Chassis, Improved Suspension, 100 cu. in. Engine, 5-Gallon Heavy Duty Tank, 4 Heavy Duty Tires, Driver only, 2 (Linked) Front-firing Machineguns with 20 shots each, Targeting Computer, Turbocharger, Rear-firing Smoke Discharger, 100 points of Plastic Armor: F31, R19, L19, B19, T9, U3. Total Cost = $9990, Total Weight= 2525 lbs. Handling Class = 2, Acceleration = 10 (15 at speeds of 40 MPH or greater) Top Speed = 85 MPH, Range = 250 miles, Cargo Capacity = 5 lbs, 0 spaces.
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