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Apparently the later editions of the rules are scaled for larger, toy-type cars. It might be fun to build matchbox Dueling machines...

Veloci, here's some info on Car Wars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_Wars

If you're interested, you can pretty much just Google it to find downloadable torrents.

BTW: I did a couple more play-tests of the same scenario:

On the second take, Roop actually hit with the Shotgun, incapacitating the Nightrider immediately!!! Punk Girl lets loose a terrified scream as the uncontrolled Pursuit Special goes into a Major Skid, then goes into a roll and bursts into flames!!! Unfortunately, it rolls directly in front of the Big Bopper!!! Charlie does a 45 degree Bend to avoid collision, but goes into a skid and Fishtails right into the rolling Pursuit Special!!! The Big Bopper survives the collision, but Charlie loses control and goes into a roll, bursting into flames!!! Once again, Scuttle and Sarse are the sole survivors and Charlie dies a hero's death.

The third take was the most satisfying; Charlie runs Nightrider off the road, regains control of the Big Bopper, and cruises safely past the wreck. The MFP win one for a change!!!

For Take Four, I set the starting speeds at 100 instead of 80 just for kicks... so everyone accelerated to 115 at the beginning of the first turn LOL!!! Charlie wiped out on the corner, going into a Roll... and rolling directly into the rear right corner of the Pursuit Special, sideswiping it and leaving it pointed at the soft shoulder at 115 MPH!!! On its next movement phase, the Pursuit Special zoomed off the road, lost control, skidded, went into a Roll and burst into flames!!! Pretty clever of Charlie to use his Pursuit car as a ranged weapon there. ;) Unfortunately the crash kills him.
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