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Rules: Car Wars Deluxe Edition with Dueltrack and Uncle Albert's Catalogs (2035+2036)

Scenario: Modified "Pack Attack;" MFP has a total of $25,000 worth of vehicles; the Big Bopper and the March Hare; Nightrider has a stolen Pursuit Special worth $13,000; battle continues until the Nightrider OR both MFP units are killed or incapacitated; vehicles start at 80 MPH, at a distance of 7" from one another.

Location: The intersection of Anarchie Road and Highway 9. (Right?)

The Story: You know how this one goes! Nightrider, a two-time cop-killer, has escaped custody in an MFP Pursuit Special. The March Hare is hot on his tail, and the Big Bopper is on an intercept course. Scuttle, driving the March Hare, will simply follow behind the Nightrider; Charlie, driving the Big Bopper, intends to ram the Nightrider; and Roop, in the passenger seat of the Big Bopper, intends to give the Nightrider both barrels of his scattergun at point-blank range.

REFLEX ROLLS: Scuttle rolls 2, adding his Driving Skill of +2 for a 4; Nightrider rolls an unmodified 3, Charlie rolls 1, adding his +2 Driver Skill for a 3; nobody gets a bonus. (If anyone had rolled a 5 or a 6, they would have gained a +1 or +2 to their Handling Class until the end of combat... as well as a matching bonus to all Control Rolls!!!)


New Speeds are Declared: All three drivers increase their speed by 15, from 80 to 95!!!

Phases One through Nine:

For brevity's sake, the vehicles approach the intersection until the Nightrider and the Big Bopper are within 1" (15 feet in game scale) of one another...

Phase Ten:

The Nightrider does a quick 45-degree Bend to the left to avoid colliding with the Big Bopper, which has veered in front of him from the right. (The Car Wars rules prohibit Braking until the beginning of a turn, so I couldn't replicate the Nightrider's last-minute slam-on-the-brakes maneuver as seen in the film.) This is a D3 maneuver, so his Handling Class drops from 2 (all these cars have Improved Suspensions for a starting HC of 2) to -1. Checking the Control Table, we see that the Nightrider must roll a 3 or higher on 1 die to avoid losing control... and he rolls a 5!!! He's safe for now...

At this point Roop is as close as he's going to get, so he lets loose with the first barrel; he needs to roll a 12 to hit: Base 6 for Shotgun, -5 penalty for targeting a crew member (Chassis and Crossbow rule from Dueltrack) -6 for target's speed (80 MPH or higher) a +4 for Point-Blank Range (less than 1" on the map) and a +1 for Bracing the Shotgun against a solid object (the window frame of the Big Bopper) for a total penalty of -6. BOOM!!! He rolls an 8... a miss!!!

Charlie, seeing that he is about to rocket off the left-hand side of Highway 9, spins the wheel to the right for a 45-degree Bend, a D3 Maneuver that drops his HC to -1; he needs a 3, and he rolls... a 5!!! He's safe for now...

End of First Turn: Charlie's HC increases by 4 -- 2 points for his vehicle's base HC of 2, and 2 points for his +2 Driving Skill. (Charlie is a very safe driver.) Note that The Big Bopper's HC can't increase past it's original rating, so it stands at 2. Nightrider's HC increases by 2 points, from -1 to 1 -- he has Driving +0.


New Speeds
: Scuttle and Charlie both decelerate by 5 MPH, ending up at 90. Nightrider decelerates by 15 MPH, ending up at 80.

Phase One:

Roop jumps in at the start of the turn and immediately lets loose with the second barrel... BOOM!!! This time he has a Sustained Fire bonus of +1, so he only needs to roll an 11... and he rolls a ten!!! He misses again, blaspheming away as he cracks open the shotty to reload it.

Nightrider is heading off the road on the left, so he Bends right to come up parallel with Charlie -- the two speeding vehicles are now side-by-side, less than ten feet away from one another!!! Once again, the Nightrider needs to roll a 3 or higher on one die... he rolls a 2!!! That's a Crash Result!!! We consult Crash Table 1 to see that he must roll 1 die, then add 2 due to his speed as indicated on the Control Table... he rolls a 3!!! That's a total of 5 with his speed Modifier, which means his car turns 90 degrees to the right and goes into a roll at 80 MPH!!!

Wow... Charlie just ran down the Nightrider!!!

Unfortunately, as the stolen Pursuit Special goes into the roll, its front-end winds up in the path of the Big Bopper!!! Charlie's jubilation at earning a Kill ends abruptly as he is forced to Swerve Hard to the right to avoid a Collision. The Big Bopper's HC drops to -1 again, so Charlie needs to roll a 2... and he rolls a 4!!! He safely avoids the out-of-control, soon-to-be-upside-down Pursuit Special...

...which rolls onto its left side. CRUNCH!!! We roll 1d6 and get a 1 for Crash Damage this Phase. Chassis and Crossbow rules state that an unarmored pre-war vehicle's thick metal skin is the equivalent of 1 point of Metal Armor, so the damage is absorbed harmlessly...

Uh-oh!!! Charlie needs to swerve back to the left now, or he'll fly off the right-hand side of the road!!! He doesn't want to risk a Hard Swerve, so he performs a D1 Swerve, planning to make another on his next movement phase. This time he needs to roll a 3... and he gets another 4!!! He's safe for now...

Phase Two:

The stolen Pursuit Special lands upside-down, taking 6 points of Crash damage to the Top of the vehicle!!! This shears off the roof "armor" (a 6 always blows off 1 point of Metal Armor) and inflicts 5 damage, divided "equally" between both crew members as well as the Engine; to make things interesting, Nightrider only takes 1 point of damage, while Punk Girl and the Engine take 2 each; Nightrider is Wounded, and Punk Girl is knocked Unconscious!!!

Charlie finishes correcting his course with another D1 Swerve to the left, dropping his HC to -3. This time he needs to roll a 4... and he rolls a 3!!! A Crash Result!!! We consult Crash Table 1, rolling 1 die and adding the Big Bopper's Speed Modifier of 3... we roll a 4, for a total of 7... the Big Bopper spins 90 degrees to the left and goes into a roll at 90 MPH... AND IT'S ON FIRE!!!

Phase Three:

The Pursuit Special rolls onto the driver's side, and we roll a 4 for Crash Damage!!! The vehicle's Metal Armor absorbs 1 point, leaving three points to be divided between the Engine and the Driver; since the Nightrider is already wounded, and isn't wearing Body Armor, this damage automatically knocks him Unconscious (or worse) which means...

COMBAT ENDS: The Nightrider's Pursuit Special is out of the game, and the MFP still have one functioning vehicle; the March Hare.


Sarse and Scuttle, about 100 feet back, react in horror as they see the two vehicles ahead of them rolling, crashing, shattering... the Big Bopper igniting, smoldering, smoking... Scuttle softly depresses the brake and watches, slack-jawed, as the destruction unfolds before them. Within five seconds, both the Pursuit Special and the Big Bopper are nothing but twisted, motionless scrap heaps. Sarse keys the radio microphone to call it in, but he is speechless.


Charlie earns 2 (posthumous) points of Prestige; +1 for Entering Combat (attempting to ram) +2 for Earning a Kill (forcing the Nightrider to lose control) and a -1 Penalty for Dying a Heroic Death. (Non-heroic deaths incur bigger penalties.) He is given a hero's funeral.

Roop's funeral is the same day; no one shows.

Sarse and Scuttle each earn 6 General Skill Points for Winning a Road Duel (well... their team won, anyway!) and for Completing a Mission (stopping the Nightrider.) Scuttle also earns 1 Driving Skill Point for Surviving a Road Duel.

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