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I found a torrent that has pretty much every Car Wars product ever printed. The 2037 catalog is missing (if there was a 2037 catalog? I only had 2035 and 2036, and the torrent includes 2038 and 2039) but it has all the basic goodies: the Road Atlases, the Vehicle Guides, etc.

I'm about to do a practice game, simulating the opening chase from Mad Max. The March Hare is in pursuit of the Nightrider in his stolen Pursuit Special, and Big Bopper is coming up hard from an on-ramp on the right-hand side of the road. Roop wants to blast the Nightrider with a Shotgun, but Charlie is chattering excitedly about ramming him.

What do you figure is a good starting speed? All these vehicles have a Handling Class of 2, so they're safe up to 160 MPH as long as there's no maneuvering or road hazards... but by present calculations, all the MFP vehicles (including Goose's bike, but excluding Max's Interceptor) all top out at 150 MPH.

Should I assume they're at 150 MPH, and that the Nightrider is simply toying with them by not going faster? (He can hit 172 if he wants to push it)

If they're doing any kind of maneuvering, they have to be at 100 MPH or slower in order to remain Safe... and that only allows for two D1 maneuvers: Light Drift or Light Swerve. If they want to do any D3 maneuvers, they have to be at 60 MPH or slower to remain Safe!!!

(Safe means you don't need to make a Control Roll to see if you Crash. Of course, none of these drivers seem to be very Safe except Scuttle, who just goes in a straight line the whole time LOL! So maybe the March Hare really is tached-out at 150...)
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