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I played it about a dozen times when it first came out. I didn't like the rules at all, for a game that's basically just about driving along a track that's straight with a few curves and shooting each other it's overly complicated to play. I really wanted to like it but just didn't and then GW dropped it after promising loads of extras for it, quite probably because they realised it would be hard to sell plastic cars when you can just go out and buy some matchbox ones from a charity shop and mod them up a bit.

In terms of a start for playing PA at 20mm scale though it's a good starter. The interceptors make great high-tech cars and the buggys are as close to Mad Max vehicles as you're likely to find. I also really liked the figures and the book artwork is absolutely great.

It depends what you want it for, as a game in its own right I didn't like it but it has some very good bits if you want to play that scale. Before the PDF came out a mint condition boxed set plus all the released infantry figures was going for roughly £45-£50 if you want to work out if it's a good swap though that seems to be mostly due to the rarity of the figures. Hope that's helpful.
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