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I think shadowbeast has got the long and short of it; although I own a copy I've never played it so I can't comment on the rules quality. There are some rules for pedestrians, and a couple of fan-pages on the net have lots of extra (homebrew) stuff avilable. Scale wise, figures are 20mm & vehicles are 'matchbox'

The GW PDF rulebook can be found here:
Its pretty much unplayable with the PDF, but it'll atleast give you an overview of what its all about, etc.

The pedestrian figures are characterful, no idea how they scale up with other 20mm stuff out there. I think the Stan Johansen figures are designed to be compatible, and they have a large range even if no one elses work (which is unlikely).

shows a very blurry picture of what a weapons sprue looks like

Shows some painted figures, and the figures in the 20mm British Apocalypse Thread (On here, under miniatures) were Dark Future ones

Should you trade? No idea - I guess it all depends if you want to do 20mm PA or not; and if so, how much stuff you'd be getting.
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