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Scale: ? (well it IS an old GW game) though most people use 20mm, and theoretically it should be, but of course cars frequently end up bigger. People now use diecasts as the models are oop.
What: DF is a glorified boardgame using minis where the world keeps sliding into hell and most travel is only possible to the dumb, the very powerful (ie rich) and extremely armed. The road is a set of tiles with rectangles and movement is done on these, there are straights, curves and corners but no intersects or crossroads or forks, and in the whole 220 page ruleset (available free on the GW Specialist Games page) you can't get off the road.
The denizens of the Future Highways website solved this in 1-2 pages (thankfully- the road tiles are not available ANYWHERE). Anyway you are either a ganger, bounty hunter, or lone outlaw and your vehicle is armoured and covered in BFGs!!!!!!!!
There are also some motorsport rules in one supplement which is included in the free download.
small plastic vehicles are included with the core set, a car like a Saleen or some Le Mans cars which are usually used by Sanctioned Ops (the coppers of fortune), Renegades which are used by villains (usually replaced these days by the Hot Wheels Rollcage as noone makes a toy that will pass for a Renegade these days) and bikes.
Plus modular weapon sprues. There were also some metal figures for bikes and drivers.
It is riddled with screwups, oversophisticated and underadaptable, so attached to the road that it may as well be a duel between trains, but maybe you should trade anyway- I took every road warrior type ruleset I had to the club once but no interest except for DF and Car Wars, they are just too badly stuck.
PS the rulebook is so poorly made and the PDF even worse, I had to retype...
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