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Wasteland Rules & Laws!
Your are welcome to chat about anything Post Apocalyptic, miniatures and miniature games related.

New members are welcome to introduce themselves in the bar before posting, come on we don't bite.

Retailers are allowed to post their wares on the boards but only after introducing themselves in the Bar. This is to stop spammers. If you post your wares unannounced and you are unknown to us you may be considered a SPAMMER and appropriate action will be taken.

NO flaming, abuse or SPAM allowed. Any one breaking these rules will be banned straight away and something inventive involving hungry mutants and BBQ sauce will be involved.

You are allowed to link to your gaming/miniature related Blogs however there must be at least one picture and some text about the link posted. Anyone breaking these rules will be warned using the warning system. The moderators will decide a suitable punishment from deleting the posts to short bans to repeat offenders.

Anyone posting only to alert folks of blogging, even under the conditions appoved, without participation on the forum of any other type will be considered a SPAMMER! They may be treated as such and may receive a ban.

Please note that all comments made on this forum are the poster's individual comments and views. They are not the views of the forum, moderators, forum owner or Zetaboards.

If anyone finds a comment or behaviour offensive then please report it to the moderators and we will act accorindingly. Overly offensive material will be removed by the moderators and action taken.