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Board Rules
Board Rules
PokeShade Forums

1. Respect the other members.
  • Try not to offend or bully the other members. They're people just like you.
  • Respect the staff. That should already be a given.
  • If a member of the staff is bullying you, immediately inform a high-ranking staff member.

2. Do not post links to illegal, dangerous, or pornographic materials/content.
  • Illegal Materials:
    • Normally, you're supposed to pay the proper people for all of the music, videos, movies, and computer programs you get; however, when you download these stuff from the internet without paying them, you're basically STEALING from them. This is bad, kids. Don't do it.
  • Dangerous Materials:
    • Please don't post links to computer viruses. I don't care if that's your way of proving that Linux is better than Windows. Just don't do it.
  • Pornographic Materials:
    • This banned because sadly, some people just can't handle pornography. (Aw...)

3. Do not advertise other forums.
  • This includes all forums in general. Yes, you cannot advertise your Legend of Zelda forum, your Pizza Lovers' forum or your Hot Video Game Girls forum here.
  • Exceptions to this rule:
    • Advertising in your signature. (Details on Signature Advertisement will be discussed later on.)
    • Using other sites as references in order to keep the discussion going. For example:
      • Linking to Serebii.net in order to talk about the latest Pokémon News.
      • Linking to Smogon University in order to talk about competitive Pokémon strategies.
      • It just takes some common sense.

4. Do not SPAM.
  • SPAM stands for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages."
  • If you go off-topic in a thread, that's SPAM.
  • If you post a topic that is unrelated to the section you posted it in, then that is SPAM.
  • If you advertise other forums on PokeShade, it's considered as SPAM and it breaks the previous "No Advertising" rule, which is bad.
  • Exception to this rule: The only place where SPAM is allowed is in the "Dark Side of the Shade."

5. Do not double-post.
  • ... Or triple-post or quadruple-post for that matter. These things are considered as SPAM.
  • Exception to this rule: If a thread hasn't had posts for over a month, then you can double post in it for the sake of reviving it. (This is considered as "Bumping the Topic." You're allowed to do this since PSF's still a young forum.)

6. Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • Remember. Some people get offended when they hear someone swear. So please, when you say "fuck," don't abuse it.
  • To those who get offended by swear words: It is important to know IF and WHEN a swear word is being used to offend or attack someone. "Dude, this is fucking awesome!" doesn't offend anyone. It just emphasizes how great "this" is. So please, don't overreact when someone swears.

7. Signature Rules / Signature Advertisement Guidelines
  • Basically, the above rules apply here. Just use common sense.
  • Signature Advertisement Guidelines (The S.A.G.)
    • If you plan on having an advertisement banner, the maximum dimensions of the banner are as follows:
      • Maximum Length: 200 pixels
      • Maximum Width: 50 pixels
    • You can have a maximum of 4 links that lead to other forums:
      • Maximum of 3 links to any of PLF's affiliates.
      • Maximum of 1 link to non-affiliated forums.