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Bustleburgh South
Topic Started: May 12, 2011, 6:45 pm (261 Views)
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пенис гоблин

Bustleburgh South
Requirements: Arrive here from an adjacent location.

The southern half of the sprawling metropolis that continues to be the lifeblood of Rindo's industry. It's famous not only for its gym, but also its steel refinery.

Points of Interest:
Bustleburgh South contains one of the four stations of the Rindo Subway. The first time you arrive at a Subway Station, you will be given a Subway Card, and with each new station you visit, that card will be given 1 stamp (up to 4). If you have that Station's stamp, you can travel there anytime. This station gives out the South stamp.

In addition there is also the city's gym run by Patricia, a Steel-type user who is a relative of Olivine City's Jasmine. She gives out TM85 Iron Head and the Iron Badge when defeated, and uses this team in battle:

Posted Image Shieldon Lv. 25
Posted Image Lairon Lv. 27
Posted Image Metang Lv. 30

Available Pokemon:
Most Pokemon around this area are those you'd expect to find in the city; Steel- and Poison-types are relatively more common.

Nearby Places:
Route 5 (SE) - A path that transcends from the foothills to the city.
Route 6 (NE) - A route that cuts through a harsh desert.
Route 7 (NW) - A gentle serene walk through a pristine meadow.

Special Pokemon:
Ferreon - If you have an Eevee, you can choose to evolve it here into its Steel-type evolution. Doing so is, of course, completely optional.
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