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Welcome to Pokemon Mansion EX!

Welcome to the Pokemon Mansion EX forums, please enjoy your visit with us!

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The Pokémon Mansion RPG is now undergoing a large overhaul, which is intended to make the overall RPG experience more enjoyable. If you have any questions regarding the updates, or suggestions for future updates, don't hesitate to ask me!
- Bass

Please remember to read all stickied topics in a forum before posting new topics. Also if you have problems anywhere on the site, don't hesitate to private message one of the staff members! (If it is a technical problem I suggest private messaging an admin)

¡Tú perdiste el Juego!


Pokemon Mansion's Rules
1. No swearing.

This, for the most part, goes without saying. Don't write any kind of swear word; this forum is meant for people of all ages. Why do you think the censor is there, anyway?

2. No flaming.

Flaming is a simple word meaning 'to insult or degrade someone'. It basically means slandering that person's reputation. The last thing that we need is a flame war. If you have an argument with a person, take it to them in PM; we don't all need to know what your reasons are.

3. No necromancing.

It's a fancy word, but it just means posting in a thread that has been inactive for a long period of time. Other names include bumping and thread-reviving. The bump threshold here at Pokemon Mansion is three weeks, no more.
The original creator is exempt to this rule only if it is a fan fiction or art thread, or if it is a question or similar thread, or if you make a post that is actually constructive and serves to continue the topic, if it needs it.

4. No spamming.

Spam is an acronym that stands for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Message". This includes post that are one sentence long, are completely off-topic, or posting in a topic solely for the sake of posting. Posts here should be intelligent and thorough.

5. Only post in a forum with what best matches the aim of your topic.

That may look complicated, but it simply means this: If you want to introduce yourself, only do so in the Hello/Goodbye Thread. Don't do it in the Advertising Forum. This assists with keeping the flow of the forum stable.

6. Respect the decisions of the forum staff.

If the staff of this site has done something, i.e. locked or moved a topic, or placed a user on probation, it's for a good reason, and we will explain why this is so. We don't hate the members, we are only trying to help out.

7. Please try to have proper spelling and grammar.

It makes it a whole lot easier if people can understand what you say. I'm not too strict on one letter or two being off, but missing out great chunks of words and omitting quotation marks is something that isn't well liked or respected.

8. No sending emails to other members. Use the PM system instead.

A lot of people here don't have emails that they use, I myself included. All conversations are to take place via PM only. The only exception is if the member will allow you to email them. Otherwise, it's off-limits.

9. No having two or more accounts.

Having more than one account is really pointless, as you only need to post off of one. If I find you have more than one account, one (or more) of them will be deleted. If you were banned and create another account then you'll receive an IP ban; there was a reason you were banned in the first place. You can just wait until your sentence wears off.

If, however, you have a sibling that posts from the same IP as you, don't hesitate to tell me; I don't want to have to ban you for no reason and find out I'd made a mistake.

10. No posting of questionable off-site links.

All right, this rule is a bit confusing in its context, so I'm going to explain what it is. Basically, it means that you can't put a link in your post if you don't say what it is. Like, for example, if you find something involving HeartGold/SoulSilver, and you post the link for it, that's fine. Usually, if it's from a popular, well-known site like Wikipedia, Serebii, or Pokebeach, it's generally assured that it's a safe link. Youtube, though, for example, you have to explain what it is, as Youtube has both the good and the bad.

Violating this rule will result in the link (and possibly the post) being deleted, and you being given a warning.
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