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Rules And Basic Support (Updated 3-8-08)
To better understand how this site works go here and read the documentation.

To make sure that you and all others have a great time at PSWii60 there are rules that you should follow. Please obey these and you will have a much better time here.

Common Sense

1. No flaming excessively.
2. No cursing.
3. No doing random stuff for no apparent reason.
4. No doing illegal stuff on this site. (By US constitution. This includes limiting other peoples rights.)
5. No talking about stuff that shouldn't be talked about.

The rest are more in-depth.

Rules Two

-Plagarism is not allowed here at "PSWii60", nor should it be talked about at all. By Plagiarism, we mean taking someone's name, or saying its someone important with a different user name. We want to make this forum a better place, not a flame forum.

-Another thing not allowed here is prejudice. If someone has a different skin color than you or likes something different, that doesn't mean they aren't the same, and that they shouldn't be allowed to leave someone out.

Rule Three

-Posting is the main feature of PSWii60 and everyone should do it, but not inappropriately or hurtful ones. Next is an outline of which kind of comments are prohibited.

-Cyberbully comments
-Sexual comments
-Comments which make people uncomfortable
-Chain letters
-Prejudice comments
-Cursing and hurtful language and comments

-Some pictures are allowed at "PSWii60", but not disgusting and revolting pictures. You are allowed to post pictures like video game pictures, stuff like avatars and signatures, and drawings. Do not post anything racial, mean, or pornography. That will lead to a strike, (see next paragraph), a temp-ban, and soon enough, a perm-ban. Also, you can get in trouble with the cops with that kind of stuff. Keep it clean, please.

-Strikes, there is a saying for them. 3 strikes, you're out. The same rule apply's here. Strikes are marks that indicate misbehavior. Moderators will post a strike on their personal notes in their profile, and what they did wrong. 1 strike will be removed after we either see improvement, or after 2 months. 3 strikes lead to a ban, and how long the ban is depends on how bad the reports of each of the strikes are when added together. 4 Bans result in a perm ban, and you will not be able to come to "PSWii60" anymore. Keep this in mind. There will be some things that result in instant ban, or maybe a half strike etc. Use common sense and obey the rules and it's probably you won't have to get confused over this stuff. Apologizing can also help you if you get a strike.

Rule Four

-Being irresponsible is something that happens a LOT on forums. An example is when someone sees someone either being racial, mean, etc. and the person encourages it by making the victim feel worse. Another Example is when you become either a mod, or an admin, and you ban someone for calling you a "n00b". USE YOUR POWERS WISELY. Banning people should be because of bad behavior, or the other prohibited things in Rules 1, 2, or 3. Another way to be irresponsible is to post things that aren't true. You should know well what you're saying before you say it or you should say I think so someone else can verify it.

-Double Posting. We all have done it once, but once is enough. Its annoying to some people, and it shows that you don't care about using the EDIT button, and it shows that you are ignorant, and do what you want to do. If you want to have debate/flame topics, go to the Black Zone, where you can spam, and flame all you want without mods on your case, unless you do something really wrong (cough, illegal, cough). Its not hard. Do it for the sake of the people and the forum. By the way, you can get a strike for constantly double posting.

Rule Five

-Spam. No, not the food, the typing spam. Spam is VERY annoying. All it is is random gibberish. It is unacceptable here at "PSWii60", except for the Black-Zone. Spam won't be much fun when you're banned, right? Thats why you should try your best to write longer sentences than 1 word, and stop with the gibberish.

-Sometimes when you have a lot of anger and steam built up, you want to just slam random letters onto a post, right? Well, thats why we have the "Black-Zone". In the Black-Zone, you can spam, double post, and flame all you want, without the mods banning you. The only two things we want are that you still don't be racist, mean, or the other stuff mentioned in Rules 1, 2, and 3, and that you don't bring the spam to the other topics out- side of the Black-Zone.

Rule 6
Requirements for Posts and Posting/ Calender

-You must post an introduction topic. That is a requirement. Unless you have a specific reason not too. It isn't hard, will take no more then 2 minutes, and will help you get acquainted with the other members.

-If you do a post on the game, you must include some facts on the game, a picture, and more stuff. This is a pretty lenient rule, but should be followed to the best of your ability.

-If you make a poll, then you must vote. That is unless you have a reason, like you want to know which one to pick and are asking for others opinions.

-If you post a topic by accident, just change the name to delete this, and we'll delete it for you. No hard feelings, no problems, nothing wrong.

-If you are a mod or admin and can change the calender then when you put an event on the calender, put links up. At least one from Wikipedia, Gamespot, or IGN at a minimum. Links to other pages are also helpful.

-The calender color key is as follows:
Black-PS3 and PSP
Light Blue-Wii and DS
Green- Xbox 360
Blue- Multi-Console and Other
Site Related- Orange
Non-Gaming- Red

~SLX and SonicSpin