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Please note that activity in this board is extremely limited. The foums have been reopened in order to allow older members to view old posts, remember the magnificence that PMF used to be, and dwell in uncontrollable nostalgia.

The PMF2 Rank System provides a series of benefits for members that contribute to the community. Its intention is to promote activity and involvement, rewarding members for their efforts. Each new Rank will grant users a new benefit, which vary in nature. New members start out with no Rank, and work their way up. This is completely unlinked to staff positions--even I will have to gain my ranks in order to be given the privileges. This system is through the ZetaBoards feature Joinable Groups.

The Ranks
Rank 1: Allows users to request name changes.
Rank 2: Allows users to post in the Advertisements section of General Talk.
Rank 3: Allows users to access the Spamming Area of Pointless Fun.
Rank 4: Allows users to request deadline extensions for battles in The Arena, Monthly Contests and World of Spritecraft.
Rank 5: Allows players of Pokémon Mutation Roleplay to access a special bonus area.
Rank 6: Allows members to create PMF wiki pages about themselves.*
Rank 7: Changes the class of World of Spritecraft players to Death Knight.
Rank 8: Allows non-staff to write the final version of Member School content.
Rank 9: Allows users who are not Staff members to access the Staff Lounge.
Rank 10: Grants Veteran status for users who are not Staff members. Veterans have red usernames and are allowed to avoid moderator approval on their posts, remove the Edit notice from their posts, and delete their own posts.

*For members who already have their personal changes, further changes will only be allowed after Rank 6 is reached.

How to Gain Ranks
To gain a Rank, you must join the group for that rank. When you meet one of the achievements below, go to Preferences > Profile Options > Joinable Groups. You must then "Request Approval" for the rank you wish to join. Make sure you meet the pre-requisites! In your request, state your new achievement and link to proof of it (where necessary). The Member Manager will then review your request and, if all is correct, accept you into the new Rank. The following are achievements that allow you to gain Ranks:
Every 500 posts
Every 6 months of active membership (minimum average 3 posts per day to be considered active; refer to your Personal Stats)
Being a Spriter (refer to the Spriter Application)
Being an Elite Spriter (refer to the Spriter Application)
Getting 2 or more sprites in the Wow! Gallery
Every 2 gym badges in the Pokémon Mutation Roleplay
Every 10 levels in the World of Spritecraft
Maintaining an active Request Shop (minimum of two months open; maximum average 2 weeks to complete each sprite; limited to one Rank per user)
Every 30 entries to the PMF Dex
Winning the Monthly Contest (only valid for contests with 16 or more registrants)
Starting a Blog (minimum 10 initial entries)
Maintaining a Blog (one Rank for ever 25 entries after the initial 10)

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