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Welcome to Orone, the Hub of the Worlds, an original pulp fantasy play by post RPG. Take some time to wonder around and see the sights of the big city, and remember: don't feed the goblins!

Orone is a wondrous magical anomaly: a series of floating islands located at a nexus of inter-planar portals. In other words, a multiversal crossroads. The city which has grown upon these isles over the millenia since it's discovery have come to encompass individuals from hundreds of worlds, thousands of races, and millions of backgrounds. The city is currently ruled by fifteen great guilds, each possessing their own unique philosophy and vision for what the Hub of Worlds should be. From noble knights to shady demons, and from fumbling mechanists to all-mighty dragons, we've got it all.

Except for you.

Now, at the moment, you're viewing our forum as a guest. This means that you're limited to browsing, unable to post, vote in polls, interact with the other users, et al. Basically, you can't tell your story or add your ideas to the pot as you are right now. However, if something here happens peaks your interest, we would be honoured if you joined us here at Orone, and added your voice here to the madness. Remember, registration is simple, (relatively) fast, and doesn't cost you a copper.

So join our community now, and see where the portals take you!

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