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Regular Forum OPRP Broadcast
Keep an eye out for announcements, contests, and rule changes here. The OPRP staff will keep you informed about any notable news.
Moderated By: Front Desk
February/April Contests Results May 11 2016, 04:00 PM, By Kid
0 viewers Topics: 218 Replies: 4,960
Regular Forum The Rules
This is an accessible compendium of OPRP’s rules. It’s mandatory that you read them before creating a character.
Welcome to OPRP Dec 14 2013, 01:15 PM, By RainingBlades
0 viewers Topics: 11 Replies: 7

Various Discussions

Regular Forum Greetings & Farewells
New to OPRP? Don’t be shy – introduce yourself here to the OPRP community and start making some friends.
Where am I? May 23 2016, 08:13 AM, By Pkmn Trainer Red
0 viewers Topics: 1,534 Replies: 10,115
Subforums: Farewells
Regular Forum RP Discussion
Use this forum to discuss the RP and IC matters; seek crew members, plan RPs with other members, or discuss your characters of the RP. Site statistics such as player characters’ bounties and the top SD holders are also housed here.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods, Narrator
Beast Blood Pirates Today, 6:01 PM, By Incandescence
2 viewers Topics: 1,883 Replies: 70,418
Subforums: Crew Topics
Regular Forum General Discussion
In this forum, post about any out-of-character topics not within the parameters of any others. Talk about world events, hobbies, or anything else.
Devil Fruits Ahoy! III Today, 11:10 AM, By Emoisum
0 viewers Topics: 380 Replies: 12,090
Regular Forum Suggestions & Questions
Share any suggestions you may have pertaining to the site’s system, or ask questions about the site and staff or members will answer promptly.
1.5 SD to SP Conversion is Weird Today, 3:20 PM, By Soloo
0 viewers Topics: 1,145 Replies: 10,157

The Library of Ohara

Regular Forum Character Registration
Register you characters here, but take care to read the guidelines first and not to post your registration in any of the subforums. The exception is Incomplete Registrations.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Cleff Forte Today, 2:41 PM, By Aranniss
1 viewer Topics: 4,767 Replies: 32,224
Subforums: Pirates, Marines, Bounty Hunter, Other, Non-Player Characters, Inactive Registrations, Incomplete Registrations
Regular Forum Purchases & Upgrades
Use these forums to purchase weapons, ships, or anything else, with beli, or auction items off to other members.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Bot Glove & Bots May 24 2016, 10:10 AM, By Davy Jones
0 viewers Topics: 1,569 Replies: 5,894
Subforums: The Marketplace, The Shipyard, The Docks, The Billing Records, The DF Depot
Regular Forum Narration Corner
Come here to find just the right narrator for your storylines if you so desire.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Narrator
Station Zero, Chapter 0 Today, 11:14 AM, By Emoisum
0 viewers Topics: 184 Replies: 2,428
Subforums: Meanwhile, Elsewhere

Calm Belt; Red Line [RP Section]

Regular Forum Calm Belt
The Calm Belt is a sea area that surrounds the Grand Line, called so because there are no winds or sea currents. As a result, sailing through it is extremely difficult, especially because it is the nesting ground for the sea kings. Even if a ship requires neither wind nor currents to sail, it would still be in danger of being attacked by these creatures.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Resistance 2.0 May 8 2016, 02:11 PM, By Bright
0 viewers Topics: 32 Replies: 1,170
Subforums: Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Mine Island, Cook's Island, Remitenka
Regular Forum Red Line
The Red Line is a long continent that stretches around the entire world, perpendicular to the Grand Line and intersecting at two points – Reverse Mountain and Mariejois.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Together We Rise or Fall May 24 2016, 10:51 AM, By RaMp4g3
0 viewers Topics: 67 Replies: 1,909
Subforums: Reverse Mountain, Mariejois, Fishman Island, Other Locations

Grand Line [RP Section]

Regular Forum Route One
The Northern-most Route on the Grand Line lacks the civility of the others, the World Government's power being weakest here. Those seeking a lawless path will find joy here. It is next to Route 2.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
The Black Tide Today, 7:14 AM, By VackTavish
0 viewers Topics: 91 Replies: 3,041
Subforums: Stern Rock Island, Romulin Island, Boin Archipelago, Iron Knife Island, Machine Island, Rowe Rowe Island, Ark Island
Regular Forum Route Two
Situated between Route 1 and 3, this path holds a major community on every island in starkly different environments. It is the most populated of the five.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
The First Brick Steps on the Way to Fame Today, 1:46 PM, By Cevian
1 viewer Topics: 120 Replies: 3,529
Subforums: Brick Blues Isle, TeuFort, Kyuka Island, Plantenal Island, Flint Island, Las Arcadas Island, Revolution Island
Regular Forum Route Three
Labelled as the path of the Kings, legends indicate that both previous Pirate Kings traversed these routes and left their mark upon the natives. It is between Route 2 and 4, the World Government has captured a great number of rookie pirates on these islands.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Kingdom Come: Blood Bats 20 minutes ago, By Incandescence
1 viewer Topics: 115 Replies: 4,375
Subforums: Cactus Island, Little Garden, Drum Island, Alabasta, Cretakari Island, Jaya Island, Long Ring Long Land Island
Regular Forum Route Four
Believed to be the safest route, located between 3 and 5. World Government operatives rarely encounter trouble and use it to transport both supplies & captives. However, they make sure to avoid the 'Carnage Island' when shipping important cargo.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Unsung Heroes [Part 2] Yesterday, 4:53 PM, By mockday
0 viewers Topics: 61 Replies: 1,627
Subforums: Gesso Island, Naia Island, Labourado Island, Carnage Island, JusticeLand Island, Himalaya Island, Gritando Island
Regular Forum Route Five
The Southern-most Route remains scarred by ancient conflicts and has never truly recovered. It is next to Route 4. Scavengers may be able to find remnants of old weapons on the islands where great battles were fought.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
Reaching the Upper Echelon Today, 5:52 PM, By ShadowBlade
0 viewers Topics: 55 Replies: 2,226
Subforums: Salt Island, Rust Pit Island, Nemea, Neptunia, Kuraigana Island, Ava'Tul, Echelon Island
Regular Forum Out at Sea [Grand Line]
The volatile currents and weather of the Grand Line can turn the most blissful journey into a life-threatening situation in a flash. Some gigantic sea monsters or unruly adventurers set the perfect scene for on-board shenanigans and naval battles?
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Trainee Mods
A Season of Splinters Yesterday, 6:31 PM, By Spunky Misunderstood Genius
0 viewers Topics: 138 Replies: 4,895
Subforums: Other Islands
Regular Forum Sky Islands
Mile high club
Moderated By: Character Moderator
Remnant Revenants Yesterday, 11:17 PM, By Emoisum
0 viewers Topics: 23 Replies: 987
Subforums: Skypiea, Birka, Weatheria, The Forgotten Lands, Other Islands, Out at White Sea
Regular Forum Sea Train Zone
The Sea Train Zone marks the area of the Grand Line where Routes merge. The Sea Train Network, constructed by Tom the Fishman, allows sea fairers to hop between islands at a price.
Moderated By: Character Moderator
Angel Food Cake May 19 2016, 07:12 PM, By Ricter
0 viewers Topics: 18 Replies: 412
Subforums: San Faldo, Pucci, Water 7, St. Poplar, Couture Island
Regular Forum The Florian Triangle
Terror lurks within the fog.
Moderated By: Character Moderator
"Prideful Silence" Yesterday, 7:33 PM, By Darkhunter
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 173
Subforums: Deep Blue, Gargantifal, Station Zero, That Place, Blutopia
Regular Forum End of Paradise
The final step on the way to the New World
Moderated By: Character Moderator
Momoiro Island Description May 8 2016, 10:37 AM, By Shamma
0 viewers Topics: 4 Replies: 0
Subforums: Karakuri Island, Namakura Island, Kenzan Island, Momoiro Island, Other Islands

OOC Madness

Regular Forum OOC RPs
Use this forum for random, non-canon RPs. Host battles, throw slumber parties, and have fun! You're not limited to using the OPRP setting or rules here, so you can really do whatever you want - just know that it won't count for anything on the site.
Moderated By: Character Moderator, Narrator
Where the Heart Is May 12 2016, 04:38 PM, By GlasgowSmiley
1 viewer Topics: 466 Replies: 5,303
Regular Forum Neo-media Vault
Talk about manga, anime, books, movies, video games, or any other media here.
One Piece Chapter 827 Today, 12:14 PM, By Fugitivebush
0 viewers Topics: 462 Replies: 6,201
Regular Forum Titan's Retirement Home
Go wild.
We Are The Free Women & Men Today, 4:45 PM, By OnishiGhetto
0 viewers Topics: 1,865 Replies: 26,110
Regular Forum Artistic View
Post up your latest drawings, graphics, or etcetera. Discuss anything related to art.
Nature's Darling May 23 2016, 07:06 PM, By Fugitivebush
0 viewers Topics: 207 Replies: 4,262
Regular Forum Get Known!
Come here to advertise your board or website here at OPRP. Guests are allowed to post here.
New Arcana: Persona RP May 15 2016, 08:26 PM, By Guest
1 viewer Topics: 426 Replies: 500

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