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One Piece Explore is closed until further notice. Due to a lack of members and staff, as well as time on my part, it is not viable to stay open. So, to prevent theft of rules, characters and the like while we are inactive, the board has been turned offline for an indefinite period of time. ~Nikolai, Head Administrator of One Piece Explore

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The Character Application Freeze has been lifted, and characters may now be accepted by staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but all issues have now been resolved and there shall be no further freezes like this in the future.

Now, there are a few things you might want to check out, High Rank Positions are still open to those who wish to attain such a rank of power, and have the necessary strength requirements, and we are still looking for some staff members! Feel free to apply in the Buster Call thread created for such a purpose.

In other news, the January event has passed it's deadline, and the February event is on it's way, look forward to it because it shall benefit those of you who RP!
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Miscellaneous Site Rules
Topic Started: Nov 2 2010, 03:40 AM (909 Views)
Miscellaneous Site Rules

No posting in Character Creation topics unless you are a moderator

Members are not allowed to post in a character creation topic or a modification topic unless you are relevant to the topic (giving the beli to that person, paying for part of a ship.) or staff. Not even comments about the coolness of that charrie or how horrible it is will be accepted. Any comments made will be deleted and that person will get a warning. Warnings should be given through private message first before giving them an actual warning.

Advance Members however can comment only if their comment is relevant to the thread.

Advance Member’s Privilege Comment on character apps
Advance Members could only comment on the character application if it was given a 1/2 Approval and there is still something wrong/missing in it that the moderators missed.

Any Moderators can Deny or Cancel a Accepted Application or Modification

When a Character/Modification/Ship/Crew has been accepted, any moderators or staff can unapproved the application if it is still within 3 days of approval. This meant the moderators or staff can revert the characters into their old state before the modification was implemented or put the accepted character into the inactive section and unaccepting the application without needing to get the owner’s approval. After returning the character into their old state or unaccepting the character, the moderator or staff should notify the owner about the problem with their characters.

This is done in case the Application was approved in a rush action without even verifying its content. This can be done even if it has one or two Admin Approval, since there are times that the administrator themselves overlooked something that other moderators or staff didn’t.

If the Application is over 3 days old, then the moderators or staff needed to pm the owner of the Application and told them of the content before unapproving or reverting their application. The moderator/staff should open up the owner’s modification if they wished to change it or let the moderator/staff edit it themselves. DO NOT JUST EDIT THE ARCHIEVES FILE BUT ALSO THEIR INITIAL MODIFICATION/APPLICATION THREAD.

Respect all Members

In accordance to the rule before joining the site, you should respect other members/moderators/staffs. It is okay to joke around and call someone names but if it gets too far and the person you are calling got insulted, then you should stop it. If you are the one getting insulted by someone on the site, feel free to PM an Admin and the member will be warned about it. The offender can get banned from the cbox if this were too happened in the cbox. If the offense was done in the thread, the post will either be edited or deleted without any permission to the owner.

Topic’s concerning constructive criticism will be allowed so long as they do not cross over into the realm of flaming/trolling/being plan mean. All topics that are founds truly offensive (Offensive because they are, not because they do not like another person pointing out their flaws) will be warned. If after warning the same topic continues WITHOUT being rewritten to be less offensive, the topic will be removed completely.

Things That Will Be Denied

  • All kind of Nuclear type is not permitted in the site. This includes Devil Fruit, weapons, Fuel source, Custom Traits and Techniques. We want to prevent this due to possibility of it being over powered due to the radiation and lingering after effects of it.

  • Stuff that is directly ripped and doesn't fit in with possible themes in the story is ridiculous (i.e. Bankai/Kyuubi/etc.).
  • Magic is ridiculous.
  • Attempting to bypass Mythology [either without a Devil Fruit or 9/10 times just in general] is ridiculous (like the one guy who tried to make a Dragon-hybrid character waaaaaaaaaaaaaay long ago).
  • Devil Fruits that attempt to RP-break, things that are either basically pure haxxx or attempt something that would make them pure haxxx in the future (things that make Nikyuu/Gura seem tame)

Mature Threads
Sometimes there are threads that contain mature content. This is allowed as long as you put a warning in the title and insert “[Mature]” in it. If this is not done, there will be some penalty with the rewards.

Appreciation Awards

Appreciation Awards are given to those active during that month, though it will be difficult to know who is active and who is not so there will be a rule for this. From now on, you can only claim the rewards in each Appreciation Award month if you posted in that thread. If you forgot and the next Appreciation Award month came then you cannot claim the previous Appreciation Rewards if you didn’t post there.
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