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Unfortunately, due to inactivity, it has been decided that Ninja Village RP will finally be closed until further notice. It is unfair to the community to keep a board open when posts happen so infrequently, and the great majority of the community has abandoned the board. This decision was made after several months of activity monitoring, and has been made only when activity dropped.

If you would like to retrieve any information (ie. character profiles, clans, etc.) from the forum and are unable to otherwise access this information, you can E-mail [email protected] and the information can be retrieved and E-mailed to you.

Thank you for your continued support over the years. NV was once a great and thriving community, but alas, its time has come. All the staff and previous staff appreciate your dedication and participation in the community. We hope your life is enjoyable and fruitful.

-Temari and the NVRP Staff.

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